Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I can breath a little easier now. Nate got the job at Kroger and starts on Dec 30. I'm not too happy about that start date part...I was hoping that he could start earlier but we'll settle for the 30. I think he actually did that though so he can go to Nashville. I'm hoping that by going to counseling tomorrow that might change his mind. I'm really not into going to Nashville especially after all that's happened so I'm really hoping that the counselor is going to give us a clear picture as to what we should do and what is right. I just wish that my in-laws would stop trying to make Nate feel guilty. Yes, I know that he wants to go to see his brothers and sisters but what about what is right for his family. Does that count for anything. I guess not. I just want to get them on the phone and scream but no...I'm better than that. I'm trying to be the bigger person here but it's hard to not want to call and tell them how it is. Hopefully I'll have good news in my next blog. I doesn't even really feel like the holidays b/c everything is so up in the air as far as where we're going to be. Another issue at hand is me trying to find a job. It's in the works but nothing has come through yet. I feel at times that I'm still healing. I know it's so hard to explain but what I went through at Dell it has mentally broke me. I felt this way after the doctors office too but I need to pull up my big girl pants and move on. It totally helps being back in our home town. I know I couldn't do this in Nashville. I have so much support here that this is just what I need. I just talked to a gal today that I really respect and she was able to give me some encouragement which is just what I needed. I thank God for her and for others that constantly lift me up and make the effort to call or whatever to see how I am. OK, that's it for now. We'll see what happens after tomorrow!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Well...I think you can say that in a way. We are finally home. Home not in the sense of a house but in the sense of a place. So much has happened since my last post and there's much to fill everyone in on. I've quite my job at Dell and I'm more than happy about my decision. My in-laws are very much not happy with me but oh well. I had to do what was right for me...and I feel so much better. Like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders. We moved back to Ohio and I feel so much better to be in our own environment. I should say...my own environment. Nate isn't happy but is doing this for me. If it were up to him we would be back in Nashville. We're hoping that he can get a job at Kroger...where he had applied and was hired before we moved to TN. A guy that goes to our church does the hiring and we're hoping that he can get Nate in the door. I'm hoping and praying that will work out. I don't know what we're going to do if that doesn't work. Keep praying I guess. We have been so fortunate that my parents have once again let us move back into the in-law suite until we find something more permanent. Things with our house is a mess too. John, Nate's uncle, is keeping our money and isn't giving it back to us. I'm so mad that I could spit fire but I'm hoping that one day he'll come through and give it back to us. Until then., we have to save money in hopes of getting enough to put down on a house. Like starting over again...such a great feeling. The worst part is that Nate's dad isn't even standing up for us. It's his brother that's hanging on to our money and he doesn't even have the guts to stand up to his own brother. Enough about that...this whole situation is enough to get your blood pressure up. I must sign off for now but more later...hopefully when there's an update on a job.

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