Monday, October 31, 2011

New Day

Hey's Monday and I am so thankful! Weekends are hard, with eating, but we sure did have a great one! I didn't go totally overboard but enough that I know I needed to make some better decisions. Every day I'm making better decisions than the last day so I'm moving forward! Today's is Halloween so I'm telling myself that a few pieces of candy isn't bad but I certainly have to watch myself! Especially those times in front of the TV when you're not concentrating on what's gong into your mouth. It happened last night. We got home from Trunk or Treat and the girls had gone to bed. I had finished a long couple of hours on my Christmas project I've got started and all I wanted to do was watch Twilight. The candy was sitting on the living room table and I reached for a piece, then another, and then another and that's when I heard it. "You better watch it."It wasn't my conscious, it was actually my husband who said it. I owe him a lot for saying what he said. At the time, it kind of got under my skin but I know he said it in love and that's why it didn't hurt my feelings like it would have a few weeks ago. Here's to a NEW DAY...make it a great one!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Weigh In

Feeling a little giddy this morning as my weigh in approached. I wasn't sure what the scale might say. I felt that no matter what the read out said that I would be fine. It was a different week so I was OK with whatever happened. To my surprise, my number decreaed from my last official weigh in! Yeah! Here are my numbers:

10/28/11 208.4 (loss of 1.6lbs. since Monday)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Gettin' Me Some Hope

Today I had a great conversation with a friend of mine and she just made my day. We were small group buddies and I truly miss meeting with her on a weekly basis. She is hysterical and she makes the weight loss journey fun! We were doing the book Made to Crave and I think we both learned so much. Although the journey continues, there's so much that we still need to learn. Bless her heart, she's going to Weight Watchers and she told me that she'd grab the books for me so I wouldn't have to pay to go. I'm at the point to where I don't want to give up any more money for someone to tell me how to lose weight because it's truly not rocket science. I do believe that Weight Watchers is a good thing and helps hold you accountable but to pay $12 a week is a little crazy...for me anyway. For someone reading this, you may think it's great, but these are my thoughts and this is my blog so I'm not paying the $12. Thank you Thank you Thank you dear friend for "sponsoring' me thru this process.

To get to the heart of the matter, today was a tough one and I messed up a few times. I was mad, angry, and frustrated and by golly, I wanted to eat thru it. I know I didn't make the best decisions but it just firmed up with my friend and I talked about earlier and that was the cold hard truth that I need to have a plan. I need to know what I have to eat and I need to know when to eat it. Sounds simple but when you're a huge multitasker it's hard to find time to eat! Crazy I know but it's the truth. From here on out, I gotta have a plan and I have to stick with the plan.

Gotta get home but I'll let you know tomorrow some of my thoughts on the Weight Watcher book. Can't wait to get into it!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sit Ups

I have to be honest...I hate sit ups! Hate them and could really do without having to do them...if only I could do without them. Not sure what else there is to do other than sit ups to get rid of this muffin top. I guess I hate the muffin top more so I'm willing to do them. I have found that it's a little easier to do them on a yoga ball or with a heavy weight. Not sure what it is about the weight other than the fact that you want it to be fast as possible! Like I mentioned before, I do the workout app in the morning and I've started doing sit ups at night. The past couple days I've stopped running and stepping and I need to get back at it. I've been working on my Christmas project and I've let that take over my free time. Oops! I did have a non-scale victory today though! Per my daughters request she wanted to go to McDonald's and she wanted me to go with her. I nixed my lunch plans with my Smart One and had lunch with my hubby and baby girl. Instead of getting my beloved Dr. Pepper, I had a 5 calorie lemonade. If I dwelled on it too long I would get sad so I tried not thinking about it. Easier said than done but I did it! Yeah! I checked my weight this am and I'm down another pound :) I'm hoping I can keep it up till the weigh in on Friday!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Rainy Days & Mondays

You know the words to that song, Rainy Days & Mondays always get me down? Just think about if it's a rainy day AND a Monday! That fully describes what it's like today. A double dose of blah! I had an amazing weekend full of fun but not much working out/eating right. Because of that, and many other reason, I've decided to switch my weigh in day to Fridays. I still did my weigh in today but I'll also do it on Friday so I can start off on the right foot this week. The next few weeks leading up to Christmas are going to be busy but very fun and fulfilling. I'm working on many Christmas presents and I'm so excited for Christmas to get here so I can give away my pieces of "magic". Once Christmas has come and gone, I'll post each piece so you can see. I'm giddy just thinking about it! For now, I'll leave you with the weigh in results...drum roll please!)

10/24/11 - 210 lbs (down 1 from last week)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Non Scale Victory #1 today I wanted to report my little victories that happened yesterday. Although they are small victories they are victories non the less!

  • My arm's are 1" smaller than they were the last time I measured ;) Yeah!

  • Even though I haven't dropped a pant size, I'm able to get into my skinny jeans. On my way!
This weekend, we're going to Boo at the Zoo. Can't wait to see my little trick or treater's in action! Have a great weekend!

Gettin' It Goin'

Last night I really wanted to work out on the Wii either by stepping or running but the baseball game was on. There was no way that I was working out to the tune of "Take Me Out To The Ball Game". For me, watching baseball on TV is shear torture. I wanted this to be a quick workout...not one that would feel like three hours. I opted to head upstairs and try out some workouts on my phone. I recently downloaded this app that's specifically for your abs. I've been using it the past few weeks and I've felt great. Since I couldn't get a full work out in last night, I opted to do all the workouts on my phone. It was awesome. I did the ab workout along with one for my arms, legs, butt, and cardio. You can decide whether you want a 5, 7.5, or 10 minute work out. On some, I opted for 5 minutes while on others I did the 7.5 minute workout. If you have an Android phone, go to your Market and type in "Daily Ab workout Free" and you're sure to find it. You can also go to this link to download it. After I did all the workouts, I decided to do one of the zumba songs that we do on Monday. I've downloaded the song to my phone so I grabbed my weights and went to town. Although I wish I were feeling a little stiffer today, I know it was a good mini work out. This morning I did the ab workout again...I hate it but I gotta do it. After it's all over, it's so worth it! Gotta get rid of this muffin's days are numbered! I'll tell you about my little victory tomorrow! It's going to be a good day...I'm going to make sure of it!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Beginning of the End

You read right...for me, this is the beginning of the end! What I'm about to write from here on out is about my real struggle. Something I've been battling ever since getting married and to this day. It's the elephant in the room...the tell you the truth, I'm ready to move forward. My struggle is my weight (deep breath...). I'm living in my little world trying to make myself think that I'm happy with myself when in fact I'm so frustrated. How did this happen and why is the weight so hard to get off? My friend told me about a blog that I've been on just about every day since finding it. It was of this girls struggle with her weight and her battle to get it under control. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has spent hours looking at it and reading every post. Every woman wants to find that miracle pill or formula to make her thin. The first question off every women's lips is "How did you do it?" If I went looking for encouragement and motivation, then I'm sure there's someone out there who's looking for it too. Every week I'm going to blog about my bad great days. I'm going to have my mini-goals and most importantly, my stats. That's right...I'm laying it all out there. I thought that if I see it for myself, every month, every day, I'm going to have the determination to stay with it. I have to make this a LIFESTYLE CHANGE. I'm not just losing weight to get to that magical number. I'm doing it to be healthy and because that's the lifestyle that I want. we go! Let's get this show on the road :)

10/17/11: 211 lbs, Arms: 30", Hips: 47", Waist: 41", Size: 16

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