Monday, October 31, 2011

New Day

Hey's Monday and I am so thankful! Weekends are hard, with eating, but we sure did have a great one! I didn't go totally overboard but enough that I know I needed to make some better decisions. Every day I'm making better decisions than the last day so I'm moving forward! Today's is Halloween so I'm telling myself that a few pieces of candy isn't bad but I certainly have to watch myself! Especially those times in front of the TV when you're not concentrating on what's gong into your mouth. It happened last night. We got home from Trunk or Treat and the girls had gone to bed. I had finished a long couple of hours on my Christmas project I've got started and all I wanted to do was watch Twilight. The candy was sitting on the living room table and I reached for a piece, then another, and then another and that's when I heard it. "You better watch it."It wasn't my conscious, it was actually my husband who said it. I owe him a lot for saying what he said. At the time, it kind of got under my skin but I know he said it in love and that's why it didn't hurt my feelings like it would have a few weeks ago. Here's to a NEW DAY...make it a great one!

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Aubre and Gary said...

Good for you for moving away from the candy, and how awesome that you ad your husband have such a special relationship that he can do that and you are willing to listen! Good for you two! Here's to a new day! I only had one kit kat tonight, and a banana! xxoo

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