Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tough Week

Yes, it's definitely been a tough week. I haven't been doing the best with watching what I've been eating plus I haven't been working out. I can certainly tell that my muffin top has come back just a wee least more than what it was last week. It's so hard to try to do it all. I've been busting my but trying to get this Christmas project done because I have a long list of stuff that I need to make for Christmas. I should get up in the AM and do the sit ups but I haven't. Just one of those weeks! I told Nate to get rid of the sweets that accumulated in the house this week, thanks to Halloween. That's certainly been a stumbling block. I normally don't buy sweets so to have them around is so tempting. As long as they're not around I don't get tempted. Wish it wasn't so hard! I've finally come to the realization that I'm a binger. The times that I do my worst eating are when I come home and I run to the kitchen because I know the girls are watching TV and Nate's on the computer. No one can see what I'm eating so it's safe. Another time is when Nate's up to tell the girls a story and I run to grab something he would scold me for so I can be done before he gets down stairs. So when he finally comes down, I'm siting like a perfect angel when in fact I just had one or two pieces of cake.'s all coming out! Welcome to my week. Again, this is why I don't have crap in the house! I just have to keep in mind that tomorrow is a new day...a fresh start and ask myself, how am I going to make it different. I just remembered the song I posted on Monday...seems fitting that this has been my motto for the week but I'm starting to think I'm not living it. Even though tomorrow is a new day, I need to stop making the mistakes that I keep making. It's time for a change...a lifestyle change, like how I've been talking about. Here are some great quotes from Bob Harper...
Change takes time, but you can see progress EVERY DAY!!!
Sometimes it's important to be selfish. What have you done for YOU lately?
Every success begins with a starting point! Start living a better life RIGHT NOW!! Remember that I am here for you and I believe in you!
Don't wait until after the holidays to change your lifestyle! Focus on making smarter choices today!!
Don't keep pushing off a better life to "next week," start making positive changes TODAY!


Aubre and Gary said...

Remember last week I told you to remember the feeling you had when you weighed in and saw less on the scale? This week everytime you crave something that isn't the best choice, remember that feeling. Think about next week and how do you want to feel when you weigh in? Do you want to feel discouraged and frustrted or do you want to feel energized and excited? Remember that EVERYTHING you eat this week will contribute to that feeling. I know your busy, but I've been walking every morning at 5:30. Yes, it sucks, but I truly love being done with it early and then I don't have to think about it again the rest of the day! Just do 30 minutes in the morning, it will effect the rest of your day in a positive way!

Meggan said...

Thanks Aubre :) I know you're right...i'ts just hard to keep up the motivation. I've got to get this plan together. I cooked tonight and did awesome. I was so proud of myself! I just HAVE to do it and not count on me just whipping something together. Us doing that meal planning when we had our group was a lifesaver. I need to get back to it. Looks like I need to start Menu Plan Monday!

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