Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sleep I didn't want to blog too early yesterday in case it was a fluke thing but for the past two nights, Ana hasn't woke up at 1AM, 5AM OR 6AM!! I think we're finally on the mend! Yeah! It has been a very long 3 1/2 weeks and I'm happy to say that this is finally behind us (I hope!). I guess what I learned through this whole thing is that when you're a mom you learn to adjust to lack of sleep. You know how you feel when you have a newborn and you just do your day and not really think much about just receiving 4 hours of sleep?? You just do it! Makes me appreciate God all the more in knowing He knows what he was doing! I guess that's why He created adrenaline! It's too bad though that Nate doesn't realize the great thing God created and know that I just might need to sleep in maybe like once a month..or once every other month or something! I guess it's just a coincidence that I get up with the girls at 7AM every Saturday while he sleeps in until I kick his butt up out of bed....which reminds's time to kick some butt!! See ya! Have a happy weekend!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I've been wanting to blog about roses for days....the reason? Nate got me roses on Wednesday last week. The are amazing! Last Wednesday a couple from our church decided to renew their vows since it was their anniversary. The flowers that the guy had ordered hadn't come yet so when the flower delivery guy finally arrived I made a mad dash downstairs to deliver them to the beautiful bride. I couldn't help but notice how amazingly beautiful the roses were and how fragrant they were. It made such a huge impression that I told Nate about them in great detail and just kept going on and on. He must have gotten the hint because when he showed up to Pizza & Pastors he was smiling and carrying two dozen roses. Like I said they were amazing. I've always told Nate in the past not to get me flowers because I felt like they were something that just withered and died...such a waste of money I thought. That was until I received these beautiful flowers. I think I'm a changed person from before. That's all I can talk about...I love these flowers! I've been taking care of them each day and I take great care in changing the water and cutting off the ends to make them last as long as they can. I burying my nose in the buds to take in their smell and I just can't get enough. OK...I know this is totally girly so I'll close for now but next time you see a rose give it a smile! That sounds so stupid...enought for now...I'm out!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Update I thought I would update all my fellow blog viewers on the status of my sweet interruptions in the middle of the night. Ana has finally graduated from screaming when going to bed and now she just screams at either 1AM or 6AM - she hasn't settle on a preference yet. Nate and I have been taking bets to see who gets it right and whoever wins gets to stay in bed and the other one goes to get her. Needless to say, I'm usually right but I somehow manage to always be the one who finally saves the day. That or I just can't stand the sound of a shreek of a scream. Nate knows I'm a stickler for sound and any loud noises ticks me off - especially at that hour - so I'm up and at em to attend to her and her vocal cords! I still haven't found a solution although the best thing that works is me climbing to the top bunk and sleeping with her. Not only does she fall back asleep but I can too. It works so much better than fighting with her that daddy is not coming in and no there aren't any bugs and yes it is time to go back to bed and yes I will cover you back up...need I say more!?! So, it's been two weeks of this and I'm not sure how much longer it will go on but until then if you wake up at either 1AM or 6AM, know that I'm probably asleep on the top bunk....and no...there aren't any bugs and daddy's not comin' in!!

Monday, February 16, 2009


OK...A friend of mine has a blog and she's giving away some cards that she's made! They are super cute so you'll want to check it out! If you're interested, her site is Hope you're all doing well! Have a great day!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Yesterday was a great day! A great day for a few reasons. First, Nate and I saw Fireproof at church last night. I just can't get enough of that movie! It is so good and I feel like it sets me and Nate on the right path! Makes us refocus after a long week! Second, not only did I get paid but we got our tax refund direct deposited. Now I know that the love of money is the root of all evil, and people say that money doesn't buy you happiness but I'm here to tell you that it sure does help! On Friday morning I was really bumming out because I was thinking that we were going to have another low budget Valentines Day and it got me mad. I am so frustrated with having low budget holidays and I was having a pity party! I thought that we were going to get paid on Monday but instead our paychecks came on Friday. Hallelujah, Praise God, Thank you Jesus (thank you Toya!). I am so happy that we get to have a fun and enjoyable Valentines Day. I am so ready for this day and I know it's going to be a memorable one! We're going to Chuck E Cheese and then we're getting our new 46"LCD TV!!! One small thing that I do want to mention that I'm excited about is that Nate and I are finally going to get to wear our wedding rings again! Nate's ring is a bit too small and my dad had to use pliers to get it off in the summer last year. He's been without for all this time and I think he's due for another least a bigger one! As for me, I am trying hard to get rid of this baby "fluff" but it is so tough. Because I am proud of my trips to the gym I'm rewarding myself with a slight extension of my wedding ring! I can always get it adjusted if I lose the 50 lbs that I need to! I just think it's important to get our rings adjusted so we can always have that reminder plus I really miss my's so stinking beautiful! So to the people that say that money doesn't buy you happiness...for today you can stick it because we're having fun! Hope you all have a fun Valentines Day!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


OK...tonight I decided to write about habits. The reason? I'm sitting here while Ana screams upstairs and I can't think of anything but the habit that we created! While Aiva and I were in Louisville this past weekend, Nate decided to let Ana sleep in our bed. Not once but twice...thus creating the habit. Ever since, she screams bloody murder if she's in her bed. On Sunday night, Nate went to get her out of her bed and put her in our bed but she still screamed. I'm talking about the worst type of scream! The one you want to cover her mouth! Each night she screams a little less but here it is 9PM and she's still at it. My mom said that she needs to scream/cry it out so I'm stuck. I so much want to go up there and give her a little piece of my mind but I know that will create a whole different habit. If she just cries until she falls asleep she'll learn that no matter how long or how loud she cries I'm still not coming up so I'm hoping she'll stop. This habit is getting SO OLD!!! Why is this habit so easy to start but so HARD to stop!!?? For all of my blogging you have any other ideas how to stop Ana's new habit?? Any help is much appreciated! OK, quick...time to put my feet up and relax...I think she's quieting down!! Yeah!

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