Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Self Motivation

I've constantly got to keep myself motivated or else I'll start slipping backwards. It's so stinking easy so I really have to watch every thought, ever bite, and everything. Pinterest and YouTube has been a lifesaver. I've found so much encouragement and motivation on both of these sites. This is one that I can truly relate to:
For me, instant gratification is so important. I need to realize that this takes time and that it's something that's going to take awhile. As you saw in February, I did Fab Abs. I love this workout because it gradually increases and is truly very challenging. Last week I tried looking for a workout calendar for March. After much looking and no success, I gave up. To my amazement, I found one on Pinterest today! I forwarded it to my small group and now I'm ready to go for my next workout! Wanna take a peek? Here it is:
I'm on day 20 for Fab Abs so I still have 9 days to go but as soon as I'm done, I'll be starting Mad Abs! Anyone with me??

I've also been doing meal planning which I haven't yet posted but I've got on my refrigerator. Here's what's on the schedule for dinner:

2/29 - Stromboli
3/1 - Spaghetti
3/2 - Out to dinner with my brother
3/3 - Grilled Cheese
3/4 - Pigs in a Blanket
3/5 - Pancakes
3/6 - Tacos
3/7 - Fruit Soup
3/8 - Chicken N Noodles
3/12 - Mac N Cheese
3/13 - Potato Soup
3/14 - Subway

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Get Rid of It

This morning I got rid of some stuff and I'm saying good riddance to all of it! I'm starting to get into that comfortable stage with my clothes and it's time to start feeling a little uncomfortable so I stay motivated. I got rid of all of my size 7 panties and my one pair of 16's that are just big and now has a hole as of yesterday. I'm left with my size 6 panties that fit but are tight enough to always switch to my 7's. Time to get the 5's so I have a fall back once the 6's are big :) I've lengthened all my 16's so at least they're long enough it's just that they're awkward fitting. I decided to wear a pair today that I just never wear because I have to get out of this size and on to 14.
I looked at that picture of the girl in my last post and I need to keep telling myself that it's just a number and to not concentrate on it. I need to concentrate on the feel of clothes. To recognize the feel of "full" when I eat and stop when I feel convicted. I've been working out and getting a good sweat so I need to keep it up and tell myself that this is it...this is my life...GET USED TO IT! At this early stage in the game, working out is essential if I'm going to goof up and eat something I shouldn't...have more of something that I shouldn't. Little by little it will come off.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Dreaded Scale

After this morning, I think I've' declared that I'm not weighing in. I think that's where us girls get held up...heck, even for guys too! I think we feel and think we're doing so good to only be let down by stepping on that stinking scale and see that the numbers have either increased or stayed the same. This is my mantra for the day:I don't know if thin people weigh in as much as people who are overweight, but I'd like to think that once I'm smaller and hit my goal that I'm not going to be so concerned about a number. I'm going to be content and if things are getting tighter than that means that it's time to walk more or watch what I'm eating and drinking. I need to focus on how I'm feeling and how things are fitting. After weighing in this morning I kind of got down but then I put on these jeans and they felt great. They weren't tight. I know they aren't going to leave marks on my tum from being squashed all day.I know I'm not going to feel like crap all day. That's a result of hard work! I need to focus on that and a lot less about what the scale is saying. Check out this picture I found on Pinterest:

We get so concerned about a number that we actually lose sight about what we look like and how we feel. Even though the girl in the second picture weighs more than what she does in the first picture, she still looks amazing! You can tell it in her thighs and abs! So here's what I'm concentrating on:

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Food for Thought

I've seen, or rather heard of, this before but living it is another thing. I think that's why I always fail. I want to see instant changes and when you don't, you end up reverting back to your old self. I've had a really good two weeks and I'm starting to see changes in my body. It's exciting! I had thought that since I do zumba on Wednesday nights that I could take the morning off but I decided against it. I got an itch to do it and so I decided the night before that I would do it in the morning. At 7AM when my alarm went off I really didn't want to get up but this phrase kept me going:

I seriously wanted to stay in bed but I knew that I would feel so much better after it was done and crossed off my list. I have to get into using the mentality. I'm so not used to it. My parents never worked out. They used to get into riding bikes but they were never the ones to go running for a few miles or do sit ups and push ups. Since I've been doing zumba in the mornings I've been feeling so much better. I work up a good sweat in those 30 minutes that I work out. After I'm done with that I do the Fab Ab February routine and work up a little more sweat :) I started out on this slow but I'm finishing strong. I know I can do it! I've got my incentive of having my hair cut and highlighted waiting for me and I'm determined to work for it so I can say that I earned it.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

House Hunting

At the current time, house hunting stinks. It started out fun but after 6 houses, I'm getting a little impatient. I guess I was hoping it would go as smooth as shopping for my wedding dress, kind of. It didn't really take me a lot of time to locate my dress. 6-7 dresses and I had my mind made up. The problem lies in that I would prefer a new house...let's build it ourself and have everything new! Nate on the other hand wants property, a big house and everything that's not on my list. Both houses that I thought would be the "one" ended up being a big flop. We looked at three houses today and house number two was the one we liked the best. Problem is that it has a 24 stall horse barn, a barn for pigs, a small garage and another garage that's kind of like a workshop. All in all we really liked it but I'm afraid it's gonna cost a fortune to heat the thing. It has 5 bedrooms and 3 baths. I wish it would work but I think we're gonna have to pass. The thought of buying it sounds fun and I'm sure the girls would have a blast in the stables but what would we do with the thing? We're going to watch it til spring and then if it's still not in contract we might try to put in a low bid just for kicks.

My lifestyle change has been going quite well! I'm not weighing myself but I feel really great. I've done zumba Wednesday thru today and incorporated my 5 minute Fab Ab February workout and I can really tell things are changing. I tried on my skinny 14's and they're still way tight to get on so I'll stick with my skinny 16's and big 14's. Little by little I'll get out of those 16's! I just have to keep it up and make me a priority. It will happen :) Gotta keep my zumba on :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Here I am!

Been busy with life...and well, valentines stuff :) It's been a whirlwind of a couple weeks. Every time I sit and want to blog, something comes up and I have to keep swimming (moving). I really shouldn't be blogging right now but I have a few minutes of uninterrupted time and I thought I'd go for it! Want to see what I've been up to? Take a look:

Doing all the Valentine "cooking" wasn't the best on my Weight Watcher diet but it was great fun and the girls had a blast. I got confirmation yesterday when Aiva said that my treat was the best in the class. If my kid likes it, you know it's gotta be good! Things are hopefully going to settle down in the next couple weeks. Swimming and basketball will be over and then we can finally breath a sign of relief before spring and summer roll around.

We've been looking at some houses and needless to say, I thought that the second house we looked at was going to be the one. It wasn't! It was terrible on the inside and very small. Not big enough to raise 2 high school daughters in! Thinking ahead here folks! We'll keep looking...we've seen three so far. I think we may even try to go the route of building too so we're going to explore that maybe this week or next.

Still trying to get into my "skinnies". I wear them every week but it's slow going. Weekends are hard...I think just about everyone can relate. You work so hard on the weekdays to have it all go down hill on the weekend. Making good choices on the weekends is difficult but doable. I just have to keep making better choices and heading in the right direction. My Fab Ab February is going well but just a tad behind.

OK...have to wrap it up but here's to spring! With this weather, it's hard to believe that it's winter!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Checkn' In!

Well, this has been pretty much a crappy week but it's finally over and it ended on a sweet note. Number one, it's Friday and number two, I'm going to see The Vow tonight. I'm a pound away from goal but tonight was the best night to do it...that was until Nate got sick. He was supposed to go to Date with Dad at church but instead he's staying home with the girls and doing the date from home :) I on the other hand am going to the movies by myself...one of my favorite things to do!

Last weekend was Princess Camp which was amazing but not so great on the eating end. I figured in my points just fine but it was after I got home that it hit. I started feeling crummy so I guess I gave myself free reign to eat what I wanted. Mistake #1. The whole week Satan was really trying to get me down, which he succeeded and come Wednesday, I was beat down and then some. I was supposed to go to zumba but because of being sick and having a bad week, I forfeited the night. Mistake #2. It felt good to get rest though and go to bed early.

When I got up on Thursday, I wasn't expecting the scale to be good to me but it was :) God is good! I was down to my pre Princess camp weigh in! Feeling pretty good about that but still down about some other things. Satan continued to have his way til I got home. That's when I got some good news. I'll have to go into that later but it turned everything around. This morning when I weighed, I was a pound less than the day before so I gave myself permission to head to the movies tonight. I'm sitting here looking at the clock and counting down the minutes til I can roll outa here!

I'm heading to the movies tonight, looking at two houses tomorrow, Nate has a game tomorrow afternoon and then we spend the rest of the weekend at church. It's gonna be a good one! Hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Operation Skinny Jeans Day 3

OK ladies...I'm in my skinny jeans again but I'm feeling a little better today than what I was in day 1 and day 2! Yesterday I was in my skinny 16 and today I'm in my bigger 14's. I'm slowly moving in the right direction. I had zumba last night and I finally felt like how I did at my other zumba class. I'm leaning the songs and the moves and it's starting to feel more fun and like I'm burning more calories because I'm not concentrating so much on the moves. I had a good sweat so I'm ready to keep going! I weighed in this morning at 211 so I'm almost there...gotta get to the good ole' 1's! I'm not going to be in the 2's again! I thought that I needed some goals to get me going so here they are:208lbs (2 more lbs) - Go to see the movie The Vow

199 (12 more lbs) - Go get my hair cut and highlighted

I'm sticking with 2 goals for right now. Don't want to get too far ahead of myself plus I want to get excited about these two before I think of anything new. I'm REALLY looking forward to getting highlighted so that really can't come soon enough! I'm already feeling a little giddy thinking about it! Here's to my next two pounds! Let's get er' done!

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