Friday, February 10, 2012

Checkn' In!

Well, this has been pretty much a crappy week but it's finally over and it ended on a sweet note. Number one, it's Friday and number two, I'm going to see The Vow tonight. I'm a pound away from goal but tonight was the best night to do it...that was until Nate got sick. He was supposed to go to Date with Dad at church but instead he's staying home with the girls and doing the date from home :) I on the other hand am going to the movies by of my favorite things to do!

Last weekend was Princess Camp which was amazing but not so great on the eating end. I figured in my points just fine but it was after I got home that it hit. I started feeling crummy so I guess I gave myself free reign to eat what I wanted. Mistake #1. The whole week Satan was really trying to get me down, which he succeeded and come Wednesday, I was beat down and then some. I was supposed to go to zumba but because of being sick and having a bad week, I forfeited the night. Mistake #2. It felt good to get rest though and go to bed early.

When I got up on Thursday, I wasn't expecting the scale to be good to me but it was :) God is good! I was down to my pre Princess camp weigh in! Feeling pretty good about that but still down about some other things. Satan continued to have his way til I got home. That's when I got some good news. I'll have to go into that later but it turned everything around. This morning when I weighed, I was a pound less than the day before so I gave myself permission to head to the movies tonight. I'm sitting here looking at the clock and counting down the minutes til I can roll outa here!

I'm heading to the movies tonight, looking at two houses tomorrow, Nate has a game tomorrow afternoon and then we spend the rest of the weekend at church. It's gonna be a good one! Hope you have a great weekend!

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