Thursday, February 2, 2012

Operation Skinny Jeans Day 3

OK ladies...I'm in my skinny jeans again but I'm feeling a little better today than what I was in day 1 and day 2! Yesterday I was in my skinny 16 and today I'm in my bigger 14's. I'm slowly moving in the right direction. I had zumba last night and I finally felt like how I did at my other zumba class. I'm leaning the songs and the moves and it's starting to feel more fun and like I'm burning more calories because I'm not concentrating so much on the moves. I had a good sweat so I'm ready to keep going! I weighed in this morning at 211 so I'm almost there...gotta get to the good ole' 1's! I'm not going to be in the 2's again! I thought that I needed some goals to get me going so here they are:208lbs (2 more lbs) - Go to see the movie The Vow

199 (12 more lbs) - Go get my hair cut and highlighted

I'm sticking with 2 goals for right now. Don't want to get too far ahead of myself plus I want to get excited about these two before I think of anything new. I'm REALLY looking forward to getting highlighted so that really can't come soon enough! I'm already feeling a little giddy thinking about it! Here's to my next two pounds! Let's get er' done!

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