Monday, October 19, 2009


I saw a bumper sticker last night that caught my attention and I just had to blog about it. It read:

"The best things in life...
...aren't things!"

It got me thinking and thought that there is a lot of truth to the phrase. So here are a few of the best non-things in my life:

1) When Aiva starts her sentence, "Mama, ..."
2) Ana's smile when you tell her to say "Cheese"!
3) The assurance that I have eternal life!
4) When Nate holds my hand in the car and he squeezes out his own secret message.
5) The feeling that I get when I'm in my parents house.
6) Standing outside and watching the leaves blow.
7) Having peace that passes ALL understanding.
8) Memories of Round Lake Christian Assembly and Kentucky Christian College.
9) That feeling that comes over you when you sing your favorite hymn or praise song. I get it all the time when I sing "It is Well with My Soul".
10) When my nana calls me "Meggy-poo"!

What are some of your favorite non-things?

Friday, October 16, 2009


I just sent Nate away to visit IKEA for the first time. It was so hard for me to not go along with him! I was supposed to go tomorrow but I'm feeling a little under the weather and didn't want to chance not being able to go so Nate got the privilege of going down south by himself. I actually just picked up the phone to call and then hung up the phone, knowing that the best thing to do would be to let him go on his own. How can you not love IKEA? The sights, smells and just the feelings. For me, it's like the movie "You've got Mail". It gives you that warm fuzzy feeling that you just can't explain. When you turn the corner to get to the store, it's almost like I hear "AAAHHHHH" like angels! I know you might think I'm a little off my rocker and I must admit, I do sound like it. I've just gone all these years by ordering things out of the catalogue and then all the sudden, they build one in Ohio. Who would have ever thought? West Chester of all places too! Who has ever heard of West Chester? Anyway, I gave Nate my list and told him to grab some of their yummy cinnamon rolls before he goes out the door for breakfast tomorrow. There's nothing like IKEA cinnamon rolls! OK, time to stop before I attempt calling Nate again to come back! I'll have to let you know how he does and see if he gets the "AAAHHHH" feeling too! It's probably going to be more like "What was I thinking?".

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Today I had a was a good one too! I was in bible study and we just got done listening to Beth Moore talk about being transformed. We were in our smaller groups and we were talking about what part of the "talk" hit us the most. One part of the "talk" Beth was saying that "we've got to move past our devastation with God" to get to our "this far" moment with God. When we're, like David, afraid and angry with God, we're still right in the midst of our devastation. My reoccurring issue (thanks Erica) throughout this study and the last one, has been that I have control issues. I'm not fully willing to let go of things so that God can move in ways that only He can. My revelation that I had, turned out to be that I'm AFRAID of where God may led, therefore I feel like I have to control so I don't get led to places that I'm not comfortable with. "God has come to absolutely mark our lives with glory...He's come to take us this far that it has to be God!" My response is that I need to be more trusting of God. I need to pray for God's will and trust that He knows what's best for me and know that He will put me where He wants me. God has taken me to places that I never thought I'd go...he brought me to my knees. Maybe that's telling me that I need to spend more time there. Where has God taken you? It's time to move past your it today!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


As I was thinking this evening about what to blog, the first word that came to mind was funk. I've been in this "funk" today and I can't really explain why. The more I thought about it the more I thought...what really is "funk". In response, I of course had to look it up! This actually turned out to be a bad idea because it therefore added to my funkness and I was then convicted to find another word for my funkness. I'm not going to put the definition because it's practically X rated. So you see, I needed to find another word for me f...yeah. So, going through the rather short list of words that's stored in my thesaurus in my head, I came up with "rut". According to Wikipedia, "A rut is a depression or groove worn into a road or path by the travel of wheels or skis or by erosion from flowing water. The term stuck in a rut can be used figuratively to refer to a situation in which, as time progresses, the situation is unable to be changed or steered in a desired way." I think that's me...I guess the time progresses part is actually about 5 hours so it's not a long period of time but I'm definitely "unable to be changed or steered in a desired way." As I'm thinking now, I would like to be steered right this very moment in a way that leads to shopping. That usually helps me clear my head for just a bit. I know most girls like retail therapy. I remember this one particular day I was in a "rut" and I ended the day with a successful trip to the thrift store where I came up with my treasured pie plate. You can check it out here. I could use another trip like that! So that's it...I'm in a rut and I could sure use some retail therapy. Actually, now that I'm really thinking about it...I better close out for now and do some prayer therapy! Retail therapy might follow though! If you're in a rut today or tonight, join me as we make tomorrow a better day!

Monday, October 5, 2009


From the article, "39 Things Every Mom Should Know", here are my favorites:

1) If the kids are awake, bit the bullet and be awake yourself. You'll waste so many hours trying futilely to extend early-morning snoozes that it's just not worth it. If you are sick, pregnant, or it's in the middle of the night, ignore this advice.

2) Teach your kids not to pee outside unless you're camping - you'll be glad you did. But if other people's kids do it, don't judge the parents too harshly. It's all about karma. If you're in the midst of potty training, all bets are off!

3) Buy cheap shoes when kids are little. Feet grow faster that you think.

4) Know this: the stain WON'T come out! And it's OK. The sooner you accept this, the better!

5) Answer this question: What is the worse thing that can happen if your kids sleep in their clothes.

6) Never stifle a generous inclination.

7) Teach them to pump on the swing ASAP

8) If your child falls asleep occasionally without brushing her teeth, don't wake her; baby teeth do eventually fall out.

9) Teach your children to make their own breakfast - and allow enough time to do it without pressure.

10) Use duvet covers on your comforters and forget about a top sheet. Not only will you thank me but your kids will too as they learn to make their beds.

11) Always pack wipes. If your kids go somewhere without you, send along wipes. It's like having a mom with them!

12) Dress your little girls like, well, little girls.

13) Don't buy the most expensive school-picture package. It's a waste of money.

14) You're never too old to dress up and decorate your house for holidays. It's more fun for everyone if you're into it. It also entitles you to more candy!

15) Independence is a wonderful thing. For everyone! So is together time. Make sure you have a healthy dose of both!


In the last addition of Parent's magazine there was an article in there about children turning three. Lucky for me, I have a two year old that is turning three tomorrow. It caught my attention so I had to read it. It was called "The Terrible Threes". The quote that was on the first page caught my attention: "Two-year olds have a well-deserved rep for defiance and tantrums. But as I found out firsthand when my daughter turned 3, they haven't corned the market on bad behavior." I just started to remember recently when Aiva turned three and boy, are we in for a challenge with Ana. All I remember is when I went in to have Ana, Aiva was a very nice, well behaved little girl. The day after Ana was born, our world changed! I'm not sure what clicked in Aiva but she changed! Ana was born on October 6 and Aiva's third birthday was October 10. I would have to agree with the author of this article that three is the worst age yet. Now I know I haven't hit the teenage years so I'm only speaking from my experience with Aiva. The author says that it should go this way, "The terrible twos, the trying threes and the freaking fours. The two's are only the beginning!" She says that toddlers and preschoolers go through six-month cycles that alternate between pleasant and make-you-want-to-pull-your-hair-out. With Aiva, I don't really remember the pleasant cycle so I'm hoping for good things with Ana. The author says that toddlers get frustrated because they know what they want but they don't have the language skills to tell anyone. We're really trying to work with Ana on this. It seems to have helped but it's in those times that I don't have the time or the patience (check out lane at the grocery store) to teach a lesson. I've found that I need to have a plan before I go into these situations with my kids. This is the exact reason why I don't take them with me to CVS anymore. No plan needed...they just don't get to go! So the truth is, according to the author and ME, is that while kids start declaring their Independence at 2, they're shouting it by 3 and yelling it through the megaphone directly into your ear by 4! The author suggest you give your three year old two options. I just need to be happy with whatever option she chooses. By doing this, they feel like they're the one calling the shots and in the end, makes them happy. So with that being said, bring on the threes! If I did it once with Aiva, I'm sure I can get through it with Ana!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


To all my blogger buddies, I'm asking you to pray for another special little boy from our church. He was in a car that was in an accident yesterday and is currently in the PICU at Children's Hospital. He is having swelling and possibly bleeding on the brain. When it comes to head/brain injuries, my family is all too familiar, because of Nate's accident. Nate had a lot of swelling with his injury but God is good and we all, pretty much, know how the story ends. God is the Great Physician and can heal all...Here's my personal prayer for Garret tonight:

G - Great strength for Wendy & Aaron, Garret's mom & dad. When something like this happens to a child it totally rocks your world.

A - Alertness: that Garret would wake up. He's been in and out of consciousness.

R - Rest so his brain can heal.

R - Recovery so he can get back to school.

E - Effects from having a head injury:that he would go back to being a fun-loving, active little boy!

T - That the swelling would go down.

"For I will restore health to you and heal you of your wounds," says the Lord." (Jeremiah 30:17)


I think we've just about done it! We are almost out of diapers! Recently Ana has had an over abundance of gifts that have been new big girl panties! She has been more than thrilled. With Aiva I had to make up a potty chart and it was a very long process. Did I mention that she was about 4 when she was potty trained? I haven't really pushed Ana since it took Aiva so long but Ana has had an on again/off again relationship with panties. Oh, just so you all know - they ARE called panties and not underwear. Underwear is for boys, panties are for girls! Just so we're all educated on this small area. Back to potty training...Ana will be turning three on Tuesday so my mom and Nate's mom got her new panties so instead of a reward after she goes she puts on a new pair of panties. This was totally her idea and I thought that since it was working that we would go with it. It makes me have a tad more laundry but hey, if it's working, I'm not gonna stop her now. She has forgotten from time to time to switch to a new pair so I think we're slowly getting over the idea of switching panties. I'm just in awe that she's been doing this for about three weeks now. I asked my mom last night at what point are they really potty trained and she said that if they can go without having an accident for three weeks you should be safe. Ana did have a small accident two weeks ago so I guess we have one more week to be trained. I do need to mention that we are doing diapers at night. They are getting dryer the longer the process goes on but just in case we're going to do this for a bit until she starts to go at night by herself. Through this whole process of training we've read many books to Ana, one being "It's Potty Time". I received this book for Aiva when Ana was born. It helped Aiva and once again has been very helpful to Ana. Here's to another week of dry pants, skirts & dresses! Time to switch panties!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I love fall...there are so many things about it that I just love. I can't get enough of it. The colors, the smells, the tempature...need I say more. Fall is the time of year for my girls birthdays and our anniversary. It really can't get any better

F - Foliage, no matter what color of leaves, I love them all. Red, Yellow, Orange, Brown

A- Autumn, just the word makes me bubble over with excitement. There's just something about the crisp air that hits your face in the morning or evening.

L - Licking carmel apple suckers. Don't you just think those are the best suckers that have ever been made? The person who came up with this idea should be making millions!

L - Lighting jack-o-lanterns. I love to carve pumpkins and then to turn all the lights off and take it outside and just watch. I could spend hours just sitting outside watching the lights flicker.

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