Saturday, October 3, 2009


I think we've just about done it! We are almost out of diapers! Recently Ana has had an over abundance of gifts that have been new big girl panties! She has been more than thrilled. With Aiva I had to make up a potty chart and it was a very long process. Did I mention that she was about 4 when she was potty trained? I haven't really pushed Ana since it took Aiva so long but Ana has had an on again/off again relationship with panties. Oh, just so you all know - they ARE called panties and not underwear. Underwear is for boys, panties are for girls! Just so we're all educated on this small area. Back to potty training...Ana will be turning three on Tuesday so my mom and Nate's mom got her new panties so instead of a reward after she goes she puts on a new pair of panties. This was totally her idea and I thought that since it was working that we would go with it. It makes me have a tad more laundry but hey, if it's working, I'm not gonna stop her now. She has forgotten from time to time to switch to a new pair so I think we're slowly getting over the idea of switching panties. I'm just in awe that she's been doing this for about three weeks now. I asked my mom last night at what point are they really potty trained and she said that if they can go without having an accident for three weeks you should be safe. Ana did have a small accident two weeks ago so I guess we have one more week to be trained. I do need to mention that we are doing diapers at night. They are getting dryer the longer the process goes on but just in case we're going to do this for a bit until she starts to go at night by herself. Through this whole process of training we've read many books to Ana, one being "It's Potty Time". I received this book for Aiva when Ana was born. It helped Aiva and once again has been very helpful to Ana. Here's to another week of dry pants, skirts & dresses! Time to switch panties!

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The Corven's said...

Yea for Ana!!! Way to go Meggan! Potty training is hard work!

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