Monday, September 5, 2011


OK...this topic has been on my mind for some time and I just gotta get it out there. What's up with all the running? I get on Facebook and everyone is doing it! I feel like it's the new trend...the new "gotta have it"...the new "gotta try it"! Everyone I know is doing it! They talk about going 12 miles...7 miles...10 miles. Hello, Facebook friends! I have a hard time going 1 mile let alone 10! So what's up with it? When did this get to be such a hot topic? I think God must have skipped me over when he was handing out the running gene cause I know I definately ain't got it. It's not something that I desire to do, want to try to do, or even sounds appealing to do. There is no peer pressure there and I can certainly tell you that I'm not jumping at the chance to find me some new running kicks! So again I ask...what's up with running?

I was just talking with Nate about it in the car and he laughed at me the whole trip home as I was trying to get him to see my side of why I ain't got it! I told him that even if I did run and got down to my goal weight, there is no chance that I would ever want to do this on my own with nothing to gain from it. Maybe this is more of a weight issue than anything and something that I'm still trying to figure out in the obyss of the many folds in my brain. Seriously though...if you lose weight...maybe like BIggest Loser style and you're down to your goal weight, what in the sam hill is going to keep you going back to running or back to the gym? If I hit my goal weight, the last thing I'd want to do is work out! I'm there...I've finally arrived...I'm done! I don't think the word "maintain" is in my vocabulary cause I don't know how to do it...never had to really do it, in regards to weight. Who knows...I've gone off a tangent again :) Back to running >

So what is it about running? Am I missing something? I keep asking myself why I keep getting bothered by it and I've thought that maybe God's convicting me and that maybe I need to do it. I hope and pray that's not the case :) I remember thinking when I was in middle school and high school when it came time to run "the mile" about how I will be so happy when I graduate because I will never have to run this thing again and dag on if it doesn't haunt me! Secretly in the back of my mind, I'm laughing now because the weather is changing and all the runners will have to come in because it's too cold to run. The devilish side comes out and I can hear the Dracula in my voice saying, "Ha ha ha...take that!" Call me me what ever you like but I'm clueless! OK...enough about that. I'll jump off my soap box cause friends...I gotta run! No really, I'm actually maybe more walking away. Sorry...I had to!


Thank God it's a short week :)

Tuesday -Baked Potatoes
Wednesday - Meatloaf & Mashed Potatoes
Thursday - Chicken Divan
Friday - Pizza

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