Sunday, May 22, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Monday - Spaghetti & Salad
Tuesday - Chicken Cesar Salad

Wednesday - Blueberry Pancakes

Thursday - Tortilla Soup

Friday - PIZZA

Saturday - Ice Cream Festival :)

Sunday - Hot dogs on the fire...camping :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Five Star Friday

I totally give this week 5 stars...although it seems like Mother's Day was such a long time ago it was a great week. Here we go...

#1 This week after Ana was done with karate, just me and the girls went to Cream Corner. It was so great to sit in the sun for a bit and take our time eating ice cream. Even though I'm not a fan of bees (who really is) it was a welcomed sight to see some buzzing around.

#2 We got some summer clothes out this week in anticipation that it's REALLY spring and summer. I feel like every year I jump the gun and put the winter clothes away and then before we know it we need them again.

#3 I took the girls to the thrift store to get some dresses. They're not so much for shorts lately so we had to grab some dresses to improvise. They got three each so we should be set other than shoes. Tonight we had a fashion show to celebrate. Once dad gets home we'll do it again so he can see!

#4 For the past three days I've had straight hair. I guess that means that I haven't had to wash my hair for three days! May seem weird but I LOVE not to wash my hair every day. When it's curly I always wash so these three days have given me a break! Yeah for breaks!

#5 My co-worker Lorien made my day today :) I'm so glad I get to share the office with her! I am so lucky that we get to work with a great bunch of people. I LOVE Fridays at WCC! Despite the fact that we were all busy we were able to get in a few laughs! Guys, thanks for making work fun!


Everything seems like somewhat of a blur since Aiva had her tonsils out. She did absolutely great. The night before her surgery we went to her favorite restaurant, Max & Erma’s, and we let her eat whatever she wanted. Of course she wanted ice cream so that was first on the list. Here’s her creation!
She was mighty proud and I must confess, I loved helping her eat the whipped cream. The next morning we woke up incredible early (see the previous blog post) and since I couldn’t sleep, I made a trip to the Red Box to grab some of the video’s she had picked out that she wanted to see. I got 4 for her and one for me. After all this worry and anxiety, I needed something to take my mind off the “surgery. So, we got there and waited our turn. Aiva was a champ…she wasn’t really nervous and I think it helped having my dad there. My dad joked around with her and made the atmosphere very light and jovial. When they came to take Aiva to surgery, my eyes filled with tears and I couldn’t talk so the only thing that I could do was lean down to her ear and whispered that I loved her and that it’s gonna be OK. Even typing this now I’m sobbing! I’m a mama…what can I say. That was a tough morning! The nurse looked over at me, as I have tears streaming down my face, and she said, “I’ll take good care of her…she’s going to be fine.” As I tearfully walked away with Nate holding me close, there was nothing that I could do but pray…and go to the bathroom to bring my red eyes and checks back to a normal shade with the help of some slashes of water! As I walked out I felt like all eyes were on me and my Rudolph nose. My dad took my mind off of what was happening in the other room by talking about his bible study and work. Before we knew it, they were calling us back to give us an update. The doctor told us that Aiva’s tonsils were very big and that she was going to have a hard time. GREAT…that’s what every parent wants to hear! After awhile, the nurse came to get us and as I rounded the corner I saw her…my baby girls laying in a hospital bed. She was rubbing her nose sucking on a popsicle. This is the moment that I had feared since we heard she was having all this done. I did not want to see her eyes and feel them saying, “Mom, why did you let this happen?” It was OK though. She cried a little but we got her calmed down. My dad rubbed my back to make sure I was OK while I comforted Aiva. This was a shot that I got shortly after we walked in to see Aiva.My heart just breaks as I look at it now. It was the most precious thing…Nate was so awesome thru all this! Can you believe that Aiva actually ate potato chips and drank water in recovery? She actually did so well that they let us leave early! On the way home, Aiva wanted to call Grammy to tell her about her surgery! Who is this kid? I totally couldn’t believe it! Big kudos to my dad for being there with us and for his moral support! Aiva was held up for about a week but after that she’s been great. A little swimmers ear but she had her tube out so that’s normal. I’m hoping this is the start of all of us being a lot healthier!

So, after all that we’ve been trying to be outside as much as possible.We ride bikes a lot and it’s been great. The girls are at a perfect age for this and I am so enjoying this age. Ana is finally at an age where she can keep up and we all enjoy it so much more. We typically go to Aiva’s school to play at the playgroud. Usually there’s someone there who she knows so it works out great for the kids. We sometimes see some friends from church too so it’s great. We love living in Sunbury!

Aiva has been doing great at art. She truly loves it and she’s so good. Here are a few of her creations. The first is her project for Mother’s Day…isn’t it great?! She so surprised me! The second is a picture so designed and brought home this week. Check out the detail!Ana has been doing well with karate but I think she’s caught on to the fact that she’s the only girl. All the other kids in class are boys. The funny part is that she’s the tallest one in the class despite the fact that she’s the youngest! Not only that but she’s kicking all the boys butt when they spar! This is something that they just started and she loves the part when they “fight”! It takes an extra push to get her there but once she’s there she loves it!I went to Ana’s school for a Mother’s Day Tea and we had a great time. She is such a little princess. We had cookies and Kool-Aid and the teacher read the stories that the kids had written about their mom. Ana’s story was about me. She wrote that I was 14 and that she loves when I make pasghetti, especially when it’s cheesy! She also mentioned that when I was young, I played in a box…not sure where that one came from but she got it from somewhere…maybe sandbox??Nate has been doing a lot of fishing and working at his grandpa’s. The other night, when I came home from work, this is what I found in my sink.Not one of my favorite moments, but made me realize that we’ve made it to spring and summer! We don’t see Nate when the weather warms up but he loves being outside and working back at the lakes. He’s in his element back there so I kind of let him be! One of these days the lakes will look amazing and Nate will be so proud…so will I. All that time away from family will be worth it!

That’s about it for the Jacobus clan. Sorry it’s been so long, to all you faithful readers. We’ve had a busy couple of weeks. Hard to believe it’s been almost a month since my last blog. I’m ready to get back into the swing of things and back to blogging. The break was nice but I’m excited for what’s to come. Hope you’ve all been well.

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