Friday, May 13, 2011

Five Star Friday

I totally give this week 5 stars...although it seems like Mother's Day was such a long time ago it was a great week. Here we go...

#1 This week after Ana was done with karate, just me and the girls went to Cream Corner. It was so great to sit in the sun for a bit and take our time eating ice cream. Even though I'm not a fan of bees (who really is) it was a welcomed sight to see some buzzing around.

#2 We got some summer clothes out this week in anticipation that it's REALLY spring and summer. I feel like every year I jump the gun and put the winter clothes away and then before we know it we need them again.

#3 I took the girls to the thrift store to get some dresses. They're not so much for shorts lately so we had to grab some dresses to improvise. They got three each so we should be set other than shoes. Tonight we had a fashion show to celebrate. Once dad gets home we'll do it again so he can see!

#4 For the past three days I've had straight hair. I guess that means that I haven't had to wash my hair for three days! May seem weird but I LOVE not to wash my hair every day. When it's curly I always wash so these three days have given me a break! Yeah for breaks!

#5 My co-worker Lorien made my day today :) I'm so glad I get to share the office with her! I am so lucky that we get to work with a great bunch of people. I LOVE Fridays at WCC! Despite the fact that we were all busy we were able to get in a few laughs! Guys, thanks for making work fun!

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