Friday, October 16, 2009


I just sent Nate away to visit IKEA for the first time. It was so hard for me to not go along with him! I was supposed to go tomorrow but I'm feeling a little under the weather and didn't want to chance not being able to go so Nate got the privilege of going down south by himself. I actually just picked up the phone to call and then hung up the phone, knowing that the best thing to do would be to let him go on his own. How can you not love IKEA? The sights, smells and just the feelings. For me, it's like the movie "You've got Mail". It gives you that warm fuzzy feeling that you just can't explain. When you turn the corner to get to the store, it's almost like I hear "AAAHHHHH" like angels! I know you might think I'm a little off my rocker and I must admit, I do sound like it. I've just gone all these years by ordering things out of the catalogue and then all the sudden, they build one in Ohio. Who would have ever thought? West Chester of all places too! Who has ever heard of West Chester? Anyway, I gave Nate my list and told him to grab some of their yummy cinnamon rolls before he goes out the door for breakfast tomorrow. There's nothing like IKEA cinnamon rolls! OK, time to stop before I attempt calling Nate again to come back! I'll have to let you know how he does and see if he gets the "AAAHHHH" feeling too! It's probably going to be more like "What was I thinking?".

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