Sunday, February 19, 2012

House Hunting

At the current time, house hunting stinks. It started out fun but after 6 houses, I'm getting a little impatient. I guess I was hoping it would go as smooth as shopping for my wedding dress, kind of. It didn't really take me a lot of time to locate my dress. 6-7 dresses and I had my mind made up. The problem lies in that I would prefer a new house...let's build it ourself and have everything new! Nate on the other hand wants property, a big house and everything that's not on my list. Both houses that I thought would be the "one" ended up being a big flop. We looked at three houses today and house number two was the one we liked the best. Problem is that it has a 24 stall horse barn, a barn for pigs, a small garage and another garage that's kind of like a workshop. All in all we really liked it but I'm afraid it's gonna cost a fortune to heat the thing. It has 5 bedrooms and 3 baths. I wish it would work but I think we're gonna have to pass. The thought of buying it sounds fun and I'm sure the girls would have a blast in the stables but what would we do with the thing? We're going to watch it til spring and then if it's still not in contract we might try to put in a low bid just for kicks.

My lifestyle change has been going quite well! I'm not weighing myself but I feel really great. I've done zumba Wednesday thru today and incorporated my 5 minute Fab Ab February workout and I can really tell things are changing. I tried on my skinny 14's and they're still way tight to get on so I'll stick with my skinny 16's and big 14's. Little by little I'll get out of those 16's! I just have to keep it up and make me a priority. It will happen :) Gotta keep my zumba on :)

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