Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Dreaded Scale

After this morning, I think I've' declared that I'm not weighing in. I think that's where us girls get held up...heck, even for guys too! I think we feel and think we're doing so good to only be let down by stepping on that stinking scale and see that the numbers have either increased or stayed the same. This is my mantra for the day:I don't know if thin people weigh in as much as people who are overweight, but I'd like to think that once I'm smaller and hit my goal that I'm not going to be so concerned about a number. I'm going to be content and if things are getting tighter than that means that it's time to walk more or watch what I'm eating and drinking. I need to focus on how I'm feeling and how things are fitting. After weighing in this morning I kind of got down but then I put on these jeans and they felt great. They weren't tight. I know they aren't going to leave marks on my tum from being squashed all day.I know I'm not going to feel like crap all day. That's a result of hard work! I need to focus on that and a lot less about what the scale is saying. Check out this picture I found on Pinterest:

We get so concerned about a number that we actually lose sight about what we look like and how we feel. Even though the girl in the second picture weighs more than what she does in the first picture, she still looks amazing! You can tell it in her thighs and abs! So here's what I'm concentrating on:

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