Sunday, February 26, 2012

Get Rid of It

This morning I got rid of some stuff and I'm saying good riddance to all of it! I'm starting to get into that comfortable stage with my clothes and it's time to start feeling a little uncomfortable so I stay motivated. I got rid of all of my size 7 panties and my one pair of 16's that are just big and now has a hole as of yesterday. I'm left with my size 6 panties that fit but are tight enough to always switch to my 7's. Time to get the 5's so I have a fall back once the 6's are big :) I've lengthened all my 16's so at least they're long enough it's just that they're awkward fitting. I decided to wear a pair today that I just never wear because I have to get out of this size and on to 14.
I looked at that picture of the girl in my last post and I need to keep telling myself that it's just a number and to not concentrate on it. I need to concentrate on the feel of clothes. To recognize the feel of "full" when I eat and stop when I feel convicted. I've been working out and getting a good sweat so I need to keep it up and tell myself that this is it...this is my life...GET USED TO IT! At this early stage in the game, working out is essential if I'm going to goof up and eat something I shouldn't...have more of something that I shouldn't. Little by little it will come off.

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