Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I've been wanting to blog about roses for days....the reason? Nate got me roses on Wednesday last week. The are amazing! Last Wednesday a couple from our church decided to renew their vows since it was their anniversary. The flowers that the guy had ordered hadn't come yet so when the flower delivery guy finally arrived I made a mad dash downstairs to deliver them to the beautiful bride. I couldn't help but notice how amazingly beautiful the roses were and how fragrant they were. It made such a huge impression that I told Nate about them in great detail and just kept going on and on. He must have gotten the hint because when he showed up to Pizza & Pastors he was smiling and carrying two dozen roses. Like I said they were amazing. I've always told Nate in the past not to get me flowers because I felt like they were something that just withered and died...such a waste of money I thought. That was until I received these beautiful flowers. I think I'm a changed person from before. That's all I can talk about...I love these flowers! I've been taking care of them each day and I take great care in changing the water and cutting off the ends to make them last as long as they can. I burying my nose in the buds to take in their smell and I just can't get enough. OK...I know this is totally girly so I'll close for now but next time you see a rose give it a smile! That sounds so stupid...enought for now...I'm out!

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Shannon G said...

Last week I got a message from Westerville Florist that said sorry that we missed you call back for delivery...so I called back and told them that they had the wrong person no one would send me flowers! Oddly enough they were for me, just from my work for perfect attendance...the ladies at dance though that it was funny that I automatically assumed that they were not for me!

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