Saturday, February 2, 2008


I guess that’s a good word to describe my mood. Things have for the most part been going great but I’m back again to feeling down. Something happened within the past two days so set me off balance and I need to focus ahead and know that things are going to get better…it’s just a process. Aiva has been a little helter skelter and has set me into a tailspin as well. I just figure her out sometimes. When she doesn’t take a nap in the afternoon she’s a beast that night but even if she does do a nap she’s just as beastly …specially this week. I’m at my whit’s end. If I can just get through the next week I think things will be back to normal. I’ve been going through the book Purpose Driven Life and I can tell that God has been working on my heart. I should have read the book sooner but God has perfect timing. Who knows I probably wouldn’t have been able to “get it” until now. I needed to go through what I did in order to fully grasp what God wanted to tell me. I’m dreading the book ending because I can really understand the author. Like I say about our pastor, he brings the cookies to the first shelf. It just clicks…probably a God thing more than a coincidence! All in all, this past month I have learned a lot and I can hardly wait to see what else he has in store for me. I’ve asked a couple girls from church if they wanted to do a study called Captivating and I can hardly wait for that to start up. Not only so I can keep up with my quiet time but also to have some accountability and encouragement from other Christian women. I’ll keep you up to date and let you know how it goes but until then I’ll keep praying that God’s hand be over the ones who are thinking about joining and that God’s will be done through the group. I’m trying not to dwell on this “thing” that happened yesterday but it’s been hard. Very consuming…help me God to lean on you and give me strength to look past my troubles. Bring me to your feet and help me to focus on your merciful face and into the arms of Jesus.

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