Sunday, August 23, 2009


I just ran down the steps from putting the girls to bed and I just had to blog about my thoughts and feelings. Tomorrow is a big day for my first born...her first day of school. I can hardly believe it. Where has the time gone. Last year, when she was in preschool, was so much easier. I brought her to work with me and I dropped her off as her school was at my work. This year is completely different. She gets to ride the bus and I'm entrusting her to a group of people that I don't know. Yes, I am an overprotective mom who is sending her baby to school for the first time. I wanted tonight to be special...we had a simple dinner (which wasn't by choice) and then the party began. I gave the girls baths and we did it up right, bubbles and smelly stuff galore. It was quite fun. After the bath it was time to do the hair. As I was drying Aiva's hair I started to think about how one day...sooner than what I think...I'll be helping her with her hair as she gets ready for prom...and then sometime after that...helping with her hair as she weds. Time really does go too fast. I know we're on this earth for just a moment but I truly love this time. I love being a mom, and especially a mom to girls. Tonight, as I was thinking about how fast my baby is growing up I spent just a little extra time running my hands threw Aiva's hair. I remember the first few nights that we brought her home from the hospital - giving her a bath and running my hands threw her hair. At that time it seemed like this day would never come. Feeling the strands between my fingertips now make me realize that my dear little baby has grown up into a little young lady. After the hair we moved to nails. I painted each toe and finger with gentle strokes and chatted about life and the days to come. Her fingernails were next to nothing when we brought her home from the hospital and now they're fingers and nails of a little young lady. The day is finally here when I have to let my baby go to the world. I have no power to stop the bad things that she may see or hear around her environment. I have no power to stop the things that may go threw her fingertips. Only God can take care of her now while I can't be with her. Protect her while she goes into the great unknown and love her with the only love that is perfect and right.

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