Friday, December 11, 2009


We were a little late in decorating the Christmas tree this year but that's OK. It was actually a multi night affair! We had a couple complications with ornaments and lights but we got everything sorted out! we couldn't find the ornaments and I was about ready to have a fit but! I was at the storage unit and had about the whole thing tore apart and then finally I saw a box I hadn't yet opened. Sure was the one I had been looking for! Then the lights...I couldn't find all the strands of lights so we went to grab a few more strands at the store only to find them once we got home! Funny though that the news strands were the LED kind and I feel like I've got little flashlights all over the tree that illuminates that fact that we have a "fake" tree! Next year, we're either getting a real tree or getting a new artificial tree! It sure does look pretty though. More pics to come of the tree and our many flashlights!

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