Friday, February 19, 2010


This week I had my first (that I can recall at this moment) culinary catastrophe! I've been following my crock pot recipes and I came to the Lemon chicken. When I went to the freezer to grab the frozen lemonade, I saw that I accidentally bough OJ instead. Simple, I thought...I'll just make orange chicken instead of lemon chicken. I've seen this at Chinese places before so I thought it was a no brainer! It cooked all day long and Nate fulfilled his crock pot responsibilities by turning it every other hour to make sure it gets cooked evenly. When I got home I was so excited for another great crock pot dinner. I got my rice all cooked up, the table set, and everything was ready. We sat down at the table, said the prayer, and it was time to dig in. Since I'm totally into carbs, I first went for the rice. With the aroma of the orange and the rice I thought we were off to a good start. It wasn't until I heard Ana say, "Mommy...this is a little bit of yucky!" that I knew we had problems. Everyone started to dig into the chicken only to confirm what Ana had discovered. It was absolutely gross. The frugal part of me wanted to see if there was a way to save it so I started to think of something we could put on it and when Nate said "steak sauce" I thought, "Why not?". It ended up not working like I had hoped and finally, it all ended up in the trash. It wasn't even good enough to let our dog give it a try! My hopes dashed in yucky orange sauce, we all opted for butter and bread and called it a night. Second thought, maybe we should say we called it a nightmare! Here's to finding another recipe with better results!

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