Sunday, May 30, 2010


I've just spent the past two hours going through the entire list of those that have died in this war that we are currently in. Yesterday marked the day that there have been 1000 fatalities just in this war. I've looked at all the names...seen where they were from...seen how old they were. I'm so saddened at all the loss but so grateful that they sacrificed their life for mine...for ours. I'm at a loss of words of what to say to these brave men and women. Thank you just doesn't seem like enough. They've left behind families, friends, jobs, churches, memories, the list goes on. Nate and I saw a movie recently and it opened my eyes up just a little bit to what these men and women experience both in battle and when they return home. If it touched me the way that it did, what has it done to their hearts, souls and minds. The things that they have seen and had to do are unlike anything that we will ever have to do in our lifetime. Thank you, fallen ones, who have stepped up to the plate and fought for our freedom. Who have left loved ones and life, as we know it, to fight and fight hard. I pray for the families and friends who you've left behind. I pray that they would continue to be comforted and that they would have peace that you died doing what is noble and right. Thank you to those who are still serving. May God protect you and bless you for what you are doing. I thank you for doing this so I can be free. Thank you for wanting to change the world and to hopefully make it a safer and better. May the day that we celebrate tomorrow not be about garage sales, cook-outs or just another day off work. May it be a day that we reflect on you - those who have fought hard for the USA. For the lives that have been lost and for those who are currently on the battle field. Thanks for serving!

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