Monday, August 30, 2010


This weekend we had a girls weekend since Nate was out of "town' fishing. We had a great time and really didn't do much but we were together and laughed a whole lot. Friday we went to CiCi's and had pizza and played games. Both girls got CiCi balloons and then left them both go outside in honor of Sam Bish. They thought that Sam would like the balloons since he liked CiCi's. Ana also got her brand new big girl car seat which she was ecstatic about. That's all she talked about and she kept thanking Nate and I. Too cute! That night they got to watch a movie on my laptop in their room. They thought it was almost like being in a movie theater so they thought that was too cool. I got a chance to stay up to watch movies which I rarely get to do on my own...especially girly movies! I got the Last Song and Backup Plan. They were both great and I watched Backup Plan the next night since I liked it so much. Very cute movie! Saturday I did some running around and both girls were great and were great helpers. After our errands, we went over to my parents house and hung out the rest of the day. we sat out on the porch, played on the wing set and to top it off the got to spend quite a few hours in the hot tub. it was Ana's first time in the tub since she's super sensitive to hot water. She finally braved the water and had a great time. We had lunch out on the porch and then daddy came for a few hours and had dinner and watched a movie with us at my parents. At about 8PM, we all left and Nate went to spend the night at his uncles because he had to wake up early in the morning to finish up the tournament. We actually met him at the end of his uncles driveway for some kisses. The girls thought that mom and dad kissing was so gross. Made me giggle on the inside. I'm sure I felt the same about my parents but it was just so funny to hear them talk about how they are never going to do that. The next day they continued to have plenty of kissing questions. Too bad I had to handle them on my own! Sunday was a day to relax. I knew that the week would be busy so I just wanted to take it easy. we took long naps and then just kind of laid around. Nate was gone until late so I let them have the remote to watch their shows. We watched plenty of iCarly and Big Time Rush...their new show. It was a very relaxing day and couldn't have been better :) I love my girls!

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