Saturday, October 2, 2010


Yesterday was a busy day but all in all it was great! I've been dreading it all week so to actually get it over with is somewhat amazing. I had to work like a mad woman to get my work done at the church before heading to the dentist. At 12:30 I met my mom and she drove me over to the dentists only to find out that he wanted me to go to an endodontist. I was totally hoping that my dentist could do it because everywhere else that I called was way to expensive to have the root canal done. My dentist gave me a couple names and told me which one of the three was less expensive so as soon as I got in the car I called them up to see if they could take me. There was no way that I was getting out of work to just find out that the procedure couldn't be done. They told me to come on over and that they would fit me in their schedule. I was a little apprehensive at first but after praying I felt a sense of peace in knowing that God was in control and that I was going to be fine. They called me in and got started. After an xray and an explanation of what they were going to do it was 2:30. When I walked out it was 4:07. When the doctor numbed me up, he did an amazing job. I've never had the numbness secluded to just the area that the doctor worked on. My tongue, lips and the rest of my teeth were fine. After all the shoving and tugging I thought for sure I would have all this pain but after I walked out I called Nate and told him that surprisingly I felt fine. I didn't even feel like I had any work done. Since it was too late to head back to work, we decided to head to the Lennox since we were seeing a movie there later. We went to Johnny Rockets first and then headed to some other stores. Mom even bought me some Bath and Body Works lotion...thanks Ma! The movie started at 7:30 and it was great. We went to see Like Dandelion Dust, Karen Kingsbury book turned into movie, and I was more than pleased. I cried all the way through but it was a good cry...only a girl can say that! Guys just wouldn't understand that concept. I tried to explain it to Nate and he looked at me like I was crazy! If you can, go see it. It's great! Afterwards we went for "dessert" which turned out to be Tortilla soup from Max & Erma and then headed home to hubby. The girls were in bed, had pajamas on and the house was clean. He was a real trooper! Thanks Nate for my night out!

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Aimee Miller said...

So glad everything went well, Meggan!

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