Friday, October 22, 2010

Hello :)

Hello to you :) It's been awhile since I've blogged and I'm just now getting back caught up. The family was sick last week and this week we've just been playing catch up. At first last week I thought that the girls in our family had gotten food poisoning but after a day we found out quickly that it was an actual virus. It started out with Aiva, then went to Ana, quickly moved on to me and then on to Nate. Nate was such a trooper helping each one of his girls in the bathroom. He knows that I don't do well with sickness especially when it's not my own so he would help out the girls and then come tend to me. He was great! When it was his turn I just left him be and let him rest in bed. I thought that if I could keep the rest of us going he could handle himself. We all turned a corner and probably on Tuesday we were feeling back up to par.

We haven't been keeping up with the MPM but that will come again on Monday. It was just too hard since we really weren't eating so we decided to forgo this week.

Yesterday was somewhat of a big day for the Jacobus family. The eighth grandchild was born yesterday morning! Steve & Jess are the proud parents of Hannah Cruze Jacobus weighing in at 6lbs 11oz. She has a lot of hair like her sister Lilly!
We're not sure when we're going to get to meet little Hannah but we sure hope it's soon. Aiva and Ana call her Hannah Montana and are very excited to "play games with her"! Congrats Steve & Jess!

This weekend we're planning on some fall festivities so hope the weather holds out. Aiva has cheerleading on Saturday and Pastor Moore is preaching at church this weekend so we're heading to church Saturday to get fed ;) We're going to the pumpkin patch and to Trunk or Treat at our church on Sunday. Can't wait...should be so much fun!

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Tiffany said...

Nothing like a new baby in the family to make life exciting! Love it! She is a doll. And your big girl is way too cute in her cheerleading uniform. Lovin' that pose! Have a great weekend!

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