Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Thanks...been thinking a lot about that word here recently :) With Thanksgiving and all I guess it's bound to happen to a few select people! Thanks to those who look out for my blog updates. Sorry I've been disappointing you all recently. I've been in a slump (cousin of a funk) since we've gotten back from Chicago. I think it's the change in weather or maybe it was because I was sick up until a few days ago. At any rate, there is a ton I've got to catch up on, one being our trip which was amazing and I'm so thankful for.

Back to thanks. My mom asked me a few days before Thanksgiving about what my thoughts were on a gift that she could give to the grandchildren to help them remember during the year to be more thankful. She wanted to do something and I really thought that they would shrug it off and not follow thru so I put on the thinking cap. I told my mom that she needed to get each grandchild their own set of note cards and let them write one thank you card to someone that stuck out that month as doing something for/to/out of the normal, etc. She chewed on it for a few hours and decided to go for it. In the back of my mind I was hoping she got me a set too but no such luck. We got a little sign to hang in the house that talks about being thankful. I'm thankful to my mom for being so willing to have us over for Thanksgiving, cooking and preparing for all of us to be over. She even went out of her way to get us all special things so we can remember to be thankful.

Again, it got me thinking about how we are so busy and we forget to say thank you or express gratitude to others. We have every form of technology to help us to remember things. Help us to make sure that projects are done on time and get to the right people but we often time forget to do something as simple as saying thank you. I was so convicted after thinking about it that I think I'm resolving to send more thank you's and go out of my way to express my gratitude to others.

The first person I need to do this to is Nate. He has been amazing these last few weeks of my slumpness. He's gone to the store for me, cooked dinner (PB & J is fine for me), and never complained. He is an amazing husband that always encourages and supports me and I am so thankful for.

Thanks...what do you think about that word? Is there someone that you need to thank? Don't wait...do it now!

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