Sunday, February 20, 2011


Monday - Menu Plan Monday: I'll be listing what the Jacobus Fam is going to be having for dinner this week. This is more accountability for me, if anything. If you can get some ideas, well great!

Tuesday - Tuesday's Tips: I'll be listing a tip, whether it's something that I've tried or wish to try. I'm always up for doing things easier, quicker, or more efficient!
Wednesday - Word-filled Wednesday: This will be a post about a verse that I've read today or something that I've read recently where I felt God speaking to me.

Thursday - Thankful Thursday: This will be a post about something or someone for who I am thankful. So many times we forget to be thankful or have a thankful heart. We live in a gimee gimee world that when we finally get something we forget to thank the one who gave it to us.

Friday - Five Star Fridays: I'll be blogging about 5 highlights that happened this week. Wheather it has to do with work, family, or friends I'll list it here.

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