Thursday, December 22, 2011

Getting Close

It's getting close to close that it almost feels like times starting to stand still. Things were moving so fast that I almost wanted to stop time. Now it can't move fast enough! every time I look at the clock I'm shocked that only 5 minutes have gone past! I'm finally done wrapping presents and shopping! I'm certain that I'm going to do things different next year. Anythings got to be better than what I did this year. I think I went on a spending spree for everyone and then threw in some homemade gifts to make myself think that I worked harder ;) This is what I'm dong next year:

It has to be so much easier than just having a free for all. I guess it hasn't really been exactly like that. The presents that I get are meaningful it's just that I can't stop! Yikes! this next present I made is for my co-worker Lorien. She loves red so I thought I'd make her a necklace. Funds were getting low at the end of my shopping so I thought what better gift to make then with resources I already had! Here she is:

I made another one that's layered like this and it turned out really good. I almost with I could keep it because it turned out so well. Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of the other necklaces I made. I was in such a hurry to get things wrapped that I didn't photograph them. I'll have to when the people take it on of the box though! OK...I just got the OK to leave work early so I'm busting a move. I'm ready to start my vacation early :)

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Tiffany said...

Ha, I wanted to do that this year with those four gifts but Jason didn't like it. He said it takes the fun and surprise out of the gifts. He said four is fine but don't make it have to be a certain something. He is funny. : )

Anyway, your necklace and earrings turned out beautiful! I am sure she will love them! : )

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