Thursday, July 12, 2007


When I was trying to come up with a name for my blog I kept running into brick walls. I had to settle for Macedonian Hillbilly for that is what I am. My grandmother and her family came over from Macedonia and my grandfather is well....a hillbilly. You guessed it. I have high hopes of traveling to Macedonia to see where my family came from one day. There is a girl that I went to high school with that is traveling abroad that I've become somewhat jealous of. She's had the opportunity to travel for 4 months and see the world. All over...Japan, Thailand, Rome and Paris. I believe she's headed to Africa as I type. Anyway, it's been fun to see stories of her travels and see the pictures of where she's been. I can't wait for my time.

Currently, I've been praying for patience. Nate and I are praying about where we'll end up. We're not sure if we're to stay in Columbus or if we're to move to Nashville. The idea of moving someplace different is exciting but the thought of leaving family and everything we know is a little scary. I'm sure when the time comes God will make it abundantly least that's what I'm praying. For now I just have to be patient and rely on God to direct us and lead us to where He wants us.

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