Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I feel for the last few weeks I’ve had to start fresh. Isn’t that what life is like though. Thank God for His tender mercy that gets us through. I really don’t understand how non-Christians do it. I need to know that the next day is going to be better or at least know that someone is in control of what happens next.

This past week has been absolutely exhausting. So many things weighing me down that I could barely breathe or see the light. I felt so disconnected to everything and all I wanted was to breathe. At times I would take a deep breath and still not feel relief. After a talk and some prayer all that changed. So like God…all He wanted was for communication. Thank you God for always being there to listen to the details of our “difficult” life. Help me to remove the stuff that gets in the way of looking to you. I need you more than ever to get me through this.

I’m looking at this week as a new start…a new beginning. I have the most amazing husband and sometimes I forget that I have such a tremendous treasure. Life gets in the way and I forget. Call me stupid but I really feel that this happens to everyone. We get so caught up with finances, kids, work, and schedules that we loose sight of our helpmate. I pray, as I start my so-called “new beginning”, that I would take time everyday to concentrate on my husband and make him feel significant, special, and sacred. I pray you do the same.

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