Monday, March 17, 2008

Tired new beginning lasted about a week but I was surprised that it lasted that long. Today has been a rough day. Nate worked last night and it totally through things off schedule. He is supposed to have Monday's off but instead he was stuck in bed sleeping...not something that I wished he were doing but knew that it was essential if he were to go to work on Tuesday night. This new job of his has been a God send but at the same time been so frustrating. There's no other word for it but frustrating. When things seem to be on the straight and narrow we get another curve ball thrown our way. I'm so ready for something that is just consistent. I don't know if it's going to be when I start back at the church or what but I'm so tired of just trying so dag on hard. It doesn't help that Nate's family...mainly his mom and dad keeps the pot stirred. I keep on saying that next months is going to be better but is it really. I sure hope that April is going to be better than March. I guess my thing is that I need to make sure that it is. I'm not sure what steps to take to make sure that it is but I'm in the process of pursuing it. Some thing's got to give! I got a call from Toya, my friend from Dell, and it was such a breath of fresh air talking to her. I think mainly is b/c when I was at Dell I could be someone that I couldn't be at home. That was somewhat the part that I hated too but now that I'm home it's nice to kind of step back into that role. OK, I have to get going but I hope that the next blog brings some hope and maybe a little peace thrown in!

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