Monday, March 31, 2008


Right now the girls are dancing to Christmas music. Can you believe it...Christmas in almost April. Makes me think ahead to what things are going to be like in December. I thought today would be a good a day as any to talk about goals. There are so many things that I want from this year. So many expectations that I sometimes wonder if it's too much for a year to handle but then I think. With the help from our Almighty God and a little dedication and discipline it's all within reach. I pray that this year is full of met goals as we lean on our Heavenly Father to do immeasurably more than we would ever hope for. Here it goes:
1) Get out of debt...we only have a little more to go and we're done
2) Pay off our loved ones...piece of cake
3) Get money from a certain uncle so we can move forward on this great journey
4) Start looking for a house
5) Start working permanently at church...I'm starting in May but I hope it continues through 2009 and on.
6) Aiva starting preschool
7) Sitters for Ana and Aiva while I'm at work

I think that just about covers it. All the rest that God blesses us with are just bonuses. I'm really starting to enjoy the Christmas music that's playing. If you would excuse me I think I'll join my daughters and take a dance or two! Au revoir!

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