Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Let's just say first off that I can't wait til May. I just told Nate the other day that once May comes things will be so much better. Things have started moving towards my goals which I listed in the previous blog so I'm excited for the progress so far. Hopefully next week we'll be going before the elders to discuss about the disagreement that we have between a certain uncle and Nate and I. I'm in the process of collecting all the info that I need to make sure that we have a good case. I know that justice will prevail. God always wins so I'm not stressing out any more about it. I think when we were in a state of limbo and we didn't know which way we were headed it was harder to see the light but since we're heading in the right direction I feel so at peace and know that I can't wait til May when finally this is all over! Second, we're making dents in our debt! My mom is just about paid off and once I get her finished we can concentrate on the credit cards. I'm anxious to see the numbers drop like flies!! Yeah! I love sitting and doing my budget on Thursday mornings and seeing the numbers go down. Such a sense of progress! Third, I got the official OK that I start at the church on April 28! I'm so excited and know that Adriene is too. She finally has someone to cover her back so she doesn't feel so overwhelmed all the time. I pray that our friendship gets stronger and that good things comes from working at the church again. Fourth, I got a call today from the preschool where we want to get Aiva into and we have a meeting in May to talk about Aiva starting in the fall. I hope and pray that it goes well and that she's able to get in. OK, I think that's it for now. I have to go and get Aiva from church so I'll update you on the updates once they come in! Here's to the end of April...even though we're only on the 9th!

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