Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I am so anxious that fall is right around the corner. It's one of my favorite times of year...take that back. It IS my favorite time of year! There's just something that sparks when you say the word "harvest". I love the colors and all the changes. The smells, the sights...did I mention the colors?! It's no wonder that we got married in the fall. It was such a beautiful time of year. To catch you up to speed on what's been going on in the Jacobus household I'll give you a little update! We're still waiting got hear about disability for Nate. I just called today and they're sending Nate's case to another psychologist for further evaluation. I'm hoping that's a good thing. I get to call in two weeks to see how things are coming so more on that then. We're just praying that he gets it because it would really change things for us. Aiva, Nate and I are going to preschool on Friday for orientation. She is so excited! Actually I don't know who's more excited, Aiva, me or Nate. She is so ready to learn more that it's been so hard to control her. Aiva and I are going shopping on Friday for some new school clothes and then we're going out to Friendly's for dinner. It's a mommy/daughter date. I try not to talk too much about it because she gets frustrated that she can't go NOW! Sound familiar moms? We just took Nate's truck today to trade it in and we finally got the check for the buy back. We got a little over 11 thousand for it.'s truly a God thing. He's totally been blessing us! We test drove some cars today and Aiva and Ana made their choice for a new car well known. They picked the Honda Odyssey which has a DVD player with headphones in it. Wonder why they picked that over the CR-V??? I think we're going with the CR-V though. We like how it rides and we like the MPG. We're waiting for the check from Nate's truck to clear before we purchase anything though. Hopefully next week. Nate's already in mourning from his truck. He sounds quite pathetic. He's already asking how he's going to hull hay and a dear if he gets one. If he thinks he's gonna put it in the new car he has another thing coming!! I'm getting ready to switch to full time in two weeks which I'm so stoked about. I know when the time comes I might not feel the same way but with Aiva bouncing off the walls I'm more than ready! Things have been going great with the job. I've made some changes and implemented some new things so I'm looking forward to what's next. OK...I think that's it for now in our little world. More updates soon. Please keep Nate and this disability thing in your prayers. We would greatly appreciate it! Have a happy fall!

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