Friday, August 15, 2008


Well it's been too long since my last post so I have a lot to update you on. Nate is currently able to drive now. He had an EEG and it came back fine. The meds seem to be working just fine so praise God! He enjoys staying home with the girls but I can tell he's getting antsy! He's ready for something else to do besides childcare! We're still waiting to hear about disability. He had an appointment with a doctor for an interview for disability benefits so we're just waiting to hear if he qualifies. More on that later...We did find out that his truck is being recalled and Toyota wants to buy it back from us! Yeah!! We're in the process of trying to figure out what car we want to replace the truck with. I love having a car almost all paid off! Aiva is doing great. She is really looking forward to preschool. Every time we go to church she always asks. She is so pumped. Two more weeks and counting. She's also excited that her school is at my work. I think that makes her feel like a big girl that she gets to go to work with mommy! She's had a good summer. Nate took the girls to Nashville to see Grammy & Grampy for a week and had a ball. She looked so much older when she came back. I couldn't believe it. I almost though, "Where is my little girl?!" It was good to have her back though...did I say that out loud? I'm kidding. It was nice having a week to myself. And boy did I live it up! I had a ball...if I get the chance I'll fill you in! Ana is growing like a weed and talking up a storm. Her favorite word is no...surprised?! She is going to be pistol! I think Nate is looking forward to spending time with just her by herself. She is becoming quite the big girl too. She has almost caught up with Aiva in clothes. Hard to believe but true. OK...I must go. Olympics and Michael Phelps is on...More later!

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