Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I can hardly believe that I haven't written since May. Where has the time gone? Things have been busy with trying to get things figured out with Nate's medication and all the on-goings with his seizure activity in his brain. He is temporarily unable to dive but we're hoping and praying that with next weeks doctors visit comes good news of being able to drive. Aiva starts preschool in about two months and she is so excited. She just completed her first year of VBS and she loved it. She said she didn't want to go back to her blue church but wanted to go to VBS and gymnastics. News flash...they all take place at the same church! I'm just glad she had a good time. Ana is growing like a weed, She's been talking up a storm and she's finally turning into a little girl...although her favorite activity is tackling Aiva! Work is going great...busy but great. I took the day off yesterday so Nate could go paintballing with the youth group. He had a blast. He didn't get pelted like last year so I guess it was a success! My car's in the repair shop getting the breaks done so I'm finally squeak free. It was so embarrassing pulling into a parking lot and having heads turn because I'm so squeaky! OK, Aiva is going to pull down the TV so I must go. Her DVD isn't working so I need to assist! Hope you're summer is going well!

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