Wednesday, May 14, 2008


We're finally at a place where we can finally see the light. Things are progressing and each day is a little easier to face. Here's the progression so far! 1) Got out of credit card debt. We only have to pay a hospital bill for Nate and we're done! 2) Got money from a certain uncle. 3) I got the go ahead that I'll be working permanently at church through 2009 and on. 4) Aiva is starting preschool in the fall. We meet with her teacher next week! I just knew that May was going to be a month of change. Here's to more good things...or should I call them God things! Now...if we can only get Nate set up with a hospital job. He's miserable with the job he's at right now so he's been applying for tons of jobs at the local hospitals. He had a call back yesterday so we're hoping something great comes from that. I'll keep ya posted! More later..ta ta!

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