Sunday, January 4, 2009


The Jacobus Family Christmas rhyme of two-thousand-and-eight is heresent live and direct from our house and it’s filled with great cheer!So much to catch up on from the year that has pastwe’ve had us a good one, in fact it was somewhat of a blast!Let’s start with Aiva, now just over fiveis quick with a smile and loves to dance a jive!She is in Pre-school to all who knowin school and in life, she continues to grow.This year was a year of firsts, oh yes
Gymnastics & Power Lab VBS.
Ana, is next, she continues to grow
But still her hair won’t hold a bow.
This year she turned two and though she’s a little shy
But I can’t lie because every answer ends in “Why?”
Ana is at such a cute stage,But is more of a challenge than others her age.She pushes the limits, & usually knows when to stop,What might push with Mom, she won’t push with Pop!I’m proud of our kids and I say that with pride, but still there are days that I just want to hide.She’s yelling at her, she’s tattling on himthere are days their survival seem pretty slim.Lot’s of changes have happened for myself and for Nate,
We’re both happy that this is the end of two-thousand-eight.
With a job at Kroger that didn’t quite turn out right,
To a decision about disability that brought us all some light!
When it came time to sell his truck we found out some news,
Toyota bought it back and we could’ve gone on a cruise!
Though we didn’t but instead
We got a Honda CRV in Nate’s favorite color, red!
Though some of this year has not been “purty”,
One thing’s for certain and that’s that Meggan turned thirty!
I started working back at church full time and thing’s have been great,
What a way to end 2008!
I’ve been busy with studies from “Captivating” to “Can We Talk?”
It’s been so great to have Christ by our side as we continue to walk!
From the blizzard of 2008 to just now getting out of debt,
There’s really not much that we regret!
So we bid you great things from our corner of Sunbury,We wish you the best for two thousand eight and that your Christmas be merry!
To friends old and new, we wish you the best,to those who have kids, we wish you some rest!I leave you with one thought, a challenge that’s mine,in 2009, let your light shine!

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