Tuesday, January 27, 2009


OK...I was going to start out this blog with my complaints about no time for nothing but after watching the first 9 minutes of the Biggest Loser I got a good swift kick in the butt! In my last post I talked about being real so here it goes. We have been trying to be better at working out. My parents got us a membership to the Westerville Community Center because they wanted to help us in our efforts! The first & second week I was doing great but as I got into the third week I fell off the boat. Our birthdays were last week and it totally through me all out of sorts! This week is bad because the weather hasn't been great and Nate and I are going away this weekend for an extension of our birthdays. I feel like I really can't get back on the boat until all this stuff is over so I can be dedicated. I know...excuses excuses excuses! So my next excuse was time. The only real time that I have to work out is in the mornings before work. I feel terrible leaving Nate with the girls for an additional hour and a half after I get off work so I'm left with before I go in to work. I then face the problem of having to come home to get Aiva for preschool after I work out on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I need to find something that works!

SOOooo, after watching The Biggest Loser I came to the conclusion that I have to make time for this. Whatever I have to do I have to make time for it. So here's my plan:

Monday - after work
Tuesday - before work
Wednesday - after work
Thursday - before work
Friday - before work

I'm going to start on Monday b/c I have this weird thing about starting on a clean slate so on Monday Feb 2 I'm going to be kicking it in gear!

OK, working out isn't the only thing that's going on. Nate and I are having a fun weekend this weekend. It's all going to start on Friday. I took the day off and my parents are watching our kids from Friday afternoon until Sunday night. Nate and I have been missing out on our date nights so we've decided to have a date weekend to kick things back off! We were going to go somewhere but we decided that we liked our bed so much that no other bed could compare! We're going to do tons of fun stuff that we just don't do now that we have kids. We're both movie buffs so we're going to see a few movies, go bowling, paint pottery, go to Gameworks and who knows from there. Actually, I forgot...we're going to sleep-in one day. I can't even remember the last time that I've slept in! I'm due at least one day!

Next on the list is our new bible study that we're doing on Monday! We're starting the new Esther study by Beth Moore. My Monday morning bible study has been so great. I've really enjoyed getting to know the girls in my group plus it totally helps to know that other women (mom's) have the same struggles as I do. I am amazed that time and time again I'll be struggling with whatever... finances, TIME, marriage and while I'm go through whatever it is I am, another girl in the group is going through something similar. Just to know that you're not in it alone is HUGE! God is good all the time, all the time God is good!

OK...I think that's it for now! Time to get back to The Biggest Loser! I hope that whoever reads this has a GREAT week and that you stay warm with this yucky weather! Bless you all!

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Shannon G said...

remember Meggan that there is only so much time in the day...and your babies will grow up so fast..look at mine! Don;t be so hard on yourself!

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