Saturday, March 14, 2009


Last night Nate and I went to the concert and had a great time! It was so fun to not have kids and to have no agenda or schedule. We dropped the girls off at my mom and dad's and headed to Steak & Shake. I know, I know...not the typical place to go out on a date but it was close to Grace and we wanted to be sure to be early so Steak and Shake had to do! I had completely screwed up my eating schedule so I thought I would make a day of an eating schedule gone bad! Notice I didn't say diet - I hate that word! Back to the story! We got to Grace as the doors were opening and found our seats which were in the third row...amazing! We chilled out for an hour and it was finally "game time"! POG performed first and they did their same ole' same ole' songs. Pretty boring but it was fun relivin the old days. The best part of the concert was supposed to be the opening band. 33 Miles...they were awesome! I've heard their songs on the radio but I've never heard of the group. They rocked! Nate picked up two of their CD's so we can jam in the car! Overall it was a great concert. $46 well spent! If you're looking for a good CD pick up their new one!

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