Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So I'm a little behind with my Attitude of Gratitude list. Things have been crazy and even though I have much to be thankful for I just haven't had a chance to blog. Yikes! Here's a list...I promise there won't be 20...well, it depends on how many roll off my tongue. Here goes!

1) Angel Food Ministries! Click here for more info. This is our second time getting food with them and we've been really impressed. Plus, we're saving a ton of money!
2) Swimming :) I took the girls to the pool on Saturday and we had so much fun. I've always let the girls swim by themselves and this time I decided to join in on the fun. I'm glad I did.
3) How I felt after swimming - I love that feeling of being totally exhausted after swimming. It's like you get a special OK from the swim gods to go to bed early or to take an extra long nap. Even the girls got some action - or lack thereof!
4) The sight of Ana's chubby legs in a bathing suit. I could just eat that girl up!
5) When we got to church, there was an opportunity to name the church hamsters. Aiva told me that she wanted to name them, Dora & Deigo. Cracked me up!
6) Eating Aunt Annie's Pretzels at Easton with my two girls. It was a surreal moment - One that I can see recalling once they're older.
7) Nate let me go work out on Sunday night. I had a very good workout - I'm glad I have a good husband that let's me take breaks for me.
8) On Monday, Aiva got to take her Tinkerbell umbrella to school. She LOVES carrying that umbrella.
9) I talked to a dad of a boy that's in Aiva's class and he said that his son asked if Aiva lived at the top of the steps at school. He said that every time they leave, all the kids go out the door but Aiva goes up the steps. He doesn't know that I work up there!
10) Nate and I worked out on Monday night and he worked me out HARD! He had me lifting some weights which felt good at the time but today not so much!
11) Aunt Kay gave the girls a TON of clothes from a client of hers. I'm not kidding...more than 30 bathing suits! NO JOKE!
12) Aiva had a hearing test today and she was so good. She acted very grown up. We have to see another doctor but she was a really champ!
13) Jennifer - my co-worker. I'm glad that I met her. She's very genuine!
14) Nate - I'm glad that he's on disability and he's able and WILLING to watch the kids. Not many guys would do what he does. Thank you God for blessing our family!
15) A nap when I got home from work. The girls had a late nap so I got to take a little one too. No zumba tonight...I need a day of rest after yesterday!
16) Biggest Loser. I love this show - keeps me motivated and encouraged! Speaking of...I gotta go. It's almost time!!

Hope you've had a great week! Keep up YOUR Attitude of Gratitude! You'll notice a difference after you do it! I promise!

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