Thursday, April 23, 2009


What has happened to this week? It has gone by so fast. Not that I'm complaining but I can hardly believe that it's May. Here's the top 5 for yesterday:

1) First thing's first...Nate was a huge help to me yesterday. I had errands that I had yet to run so I sent him on a mission. He had to get a leotard for Aiva's gymnastics and invitations for a baby shower I'm doing. He passed with flying colors!
2) Not only number one but he got dinner started for me while I was coming home. We only had so long to eat until we had to be at gymnastics so we didn't have a moment to spare!
3) I got in a good work out at the gym at lunch. I really hate working out during the day but I have to fit it in somewhere. I'm just glad I can fit it in!
4) Ana started gymnastics too for the first time. She was a was like she's done it before.
5) Nate and I had a relaxing evening - we got a movie and a couple treats and just relaxed. I love movies...and Nate!

What's your top 5?

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