Thursday, April 23, 2009


Today a kid (man) came in to church that Nate and I had in youth group and I jumped up and had to give him a big hug. I found out on facebook the other day that he's engaged. I was so happy for him that I was bursting at the seams! He's in the military and went away to Iraq last year and is just a super kid. Nate and I had such a great experience helping out in the youth group and we're so proud of the kids that were in school at the time. One of them we had in our wedding and he is now married and happy and now here's another one that is successful and doing great. I'm just so happy that we had a hand in their success not only in life but also spiritually. I am so proud of these student that they have grown to be great men and women of God. I pray that God blesses their marriage and that they're truly happy! Congrats BJ & Emily!

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