Saturday, April 25, 2009


Yesterday and today I went to Women of Faith in downtown Columbus and it was pretty cool. Not as cool as years past but it was still pretty fun and very encouraging. Here's my attitude of gratitude list...

1) Tribal relations : )
2) Nate, the girls and I went to Hoff Park and had lunch. It was such a great day to be at the park. I wish I could stay there instead of going back to work.
3) I finish typing my benevolence project at work. All I have to do is spell check and it's ready to use!
4) I have an amazing husband who let me go to WOF while he watched the girls.
5) I was able to leave work on time and get a great parking space. That was half my worry right there!
6) I got the new Mandisa CD : )
7) I heard Mandisa sing about exciting. You couldn't help but move your grove-thang!
8) Heard Steven Curtis Chapman sing in public for the first time. I'm amazed at his faith!
9) Heard my favorite Patsy Clairmont...I've heard her speak 9 times now!
10) Talked and got Patsy Clairmont's autograph! That's a story in itself!

These are the highlights of the past two days. I have much to be thankful for...One of which is laying her head on my arm as I type. Gotta get back to her. It's a GRAND NEW DAY! Be sure you have one tomorrow!

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