Thursday, April 30, 2009


A little late but here is Wednesday's gratitude list...

1) Aiva got dressed so nicely today. Normally she ha all kinds of comments about what I pick out for her. Wednesday she actually put on and made no comments about her attire!
2) I finally got all of my stuff put together for my little presentation that I did'll hear more later on that! I actually felt like I was doing something big!
3) Nate had dinner cooking and almost ready when I came home yesterday. He's a hard working mama...I mean man!
4) The girls had gymnastics as well. They both love jumping on the trampoline. Hearing them giggle made me laugh.
5) When we got home, Aiva jumped on her bike, Ana got in the wagon, we got the dog and we took a nice long walk. It was very refreshing to be out and about with my lovies!

Stay tuned for what happens today...

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