Friday, May 1, 2009


Thursday was a pretty good day...hope you're Thursday was a good one too!

1) My presentation at church went pretty well. I get to talk further at the next staff meeting. Hope it's taken with as much enthusiasm.
2) For lunch I went to the rec center and walked for an hour. It was good to get away and clear my brain...good prayer time as well.
3) After work, I went back to the rec center to wait on Nate and the girls to get there. We were going to work out together. I waited a half hour on Nate but it was so nice to just sit. Sometimes you forget what it feels like to just SIT and do nothing.
4) We left the phone and computer off last night. We just wanted to have a quiet night minus any ringing phones or temptations to check email.
5) Survivor! Actually I haven't gotten into it this time around. Just to watch something that Nate wanted to watch made me happy. I just got to relax and just be.

Bring on Friday : )

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