Sunday, May 3, 2009


I can hardly believe it's May. Where have the last 4 months gone. I think the older I get the faster it goes! The girls have been crawling the walls to get outside. Aiva got a new bike which she's so happy about. She wants to go bike riding everyday. I told her on Friday that I thought it was going to rain all weekend so no bike riding. I was quick to be proved wrong with yesterday's weather. We hung around the house in the AM. I got the girls registered for swimming and me for zumba. Nate made breakfast with what little pancake mix we had. We improvised with muffins in addition to pancakes. It was then that the afternoon took a turn. Ana had a fever all night which I tried to manage. We couldn't figure out why she was feverish until after brunch. She finally puked when she was down for her nap. The only bad part -other than that she puked - was that she was in our bed. Not so good! I had to make a run to the store for more detergent and some other "sick" stuff. Once we got back I promised Aiva that since Ana was staying in that I would take her on a bike ride. We geared up and headed out. On the way back we stopped yet again at the store for dinner fixin's and a movie for the girls and Nate and I. Once we got back I started dinner and then got the girls ready for bed. Poor Ana couldn't decide if she wanted a bath or wanted out, wanted to potty or wanted off, wanted to throw up or back in the tub. We finally decided on out of the tub, in a diaper and off to bed. Nate and I finally finished the night watching NASCAR - I actually fell asleep! Anyway, so my point's MAY and it's finally time to be outside! What are ya waiting for! Enjoy the May flowers!

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