Monday, April 13, 2009


Today both of my girls had to get their immunization shots today. This part of my day lacked any kind of attitude of gratitude! I felt truly sorry for what I was going to do to both of them. I had to talk to the doctor about Aiva not being able to hear well so he took care of that and he cleaned out Ana's ears (she LOVED that - yeah right!) and then it was time. Two nurses came in and I knew one was to hold half of them down and the other was to do the dirty work. They asked if Nate or I could take the top half and then the torture began. Poor Aiva was a good sport until she heard the word "SHOT". After that it was down hill. "Jesus...Jesus...why are they doing this to me...JESUS...JJJEEESSSSUUUSSSSS!@!@!!!@!" All I could do was hold Ana and cover her ears and try to hold back my tears (which I was unsuccessful). After it was over I knew we were down one and one to go. I was so ready for a nap at this point! I comforted Aiva and Nate took Ana and she then knew it was her turn. She cried HUGE crocodile tears and called for her mama. She couldn't understand why I was letting them do this to her. At this point I started to cry big crocodile tears (along with Nate!) and torture session part 2 started. This time it came from Ana's mouth, "Jesus help me - PLEASE JESUS HELP ME - JJJJEEESSSUUUUSSSSS.....JJJEEESSSUUUUSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!" Nate had a hard time holding the top half and the nurse leaded around and said that she was very strong for a 2 year old. I didn't know if I should yell for Ana to keep kicking or to settle down. Finally, it all stopped and with red and wet faces we all walked out. Thank God we only have to do this one time a year. My parents thought the whole thing was hilarious and are now calling my kids "Holy Rollers". Thanks guys!


Aimee Miller said...

Poor babies! Watching your kids get shots is horrible. You all must be doing things right, though, if they're already calling out to Jesus for help in times of need. :-) It will be funny someday, I'm sure.

Meggan said...

You are so right! That's the one things that I said too! Next time I should do different kids on differernt days! May be a little easier!

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