Monday, April 13, 2009


Monday's are hard aren't they? Especially after a big holiday! Here are my top 5 for today:

1) I didn't have to shower today b/c I did my hair straight yesterday = I got to sleep in. Thanks God for Bath & Body Spray! : )
2) The door was unlocked at work when I got there. I know this one is so lame but it makes a big difference when you're hands are full with a 5 year old in the morning when coming into work.
3) Aiva's been into Audio A recently and when we got to church she was singing "Big House" along with the CD in my office. Mark Stier just kind of chuckled at her!
4) My new laptop came in today at work! Yeah!
5) Peanut M&M's - need I say more?!?

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